11 Beautiful And Best Cities In Canada To Visit 

1. Ottawa, Ontario

I know you are thinking we’d have Toronto as our number one city in Canada, but we actually love Ottawa, Ontario. 

2. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is our home town so I will admit that we are a bit bias when it comes to The 6ix.  

3. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotians are some of the friendliest people in Canada and you’ll feel right at home when visiting Halifax.  

4. Vancouver British Columbia

Vancouver is definitely the hippest city in Canada. Dave and I lived in Vancouver in the 1990s and have been back several times since.  

5. Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City is only one of two urban centers in North America to be given the distinction as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

6. Saint John New Brunswick

It’s one of our favourite places on the East Coast of Canada with a hip downtown filled with chic eateries, boutique hotels, and a thriving art scene. 

7. Niagara Falls, Ontario

Niagara Falls makes nearly ever list of our favourite and best places in the world. And it is up there as one of the best cities in Canada too!  

8. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg is a city that has a lot going on. The gateway to the Hudson Bay, Winnipeg was once the fastest growing city in North America.  

9. Calgary, Alberta

While browsing other people’s best places in Canada lists, I saw that a lot of them mentioned Banff City in Alberta. 

10. Montreal, Quebec

Located in the French Speaking province of Quebec, you’ll find a lot of Anglophones in Montreal as well, so English is not a problem.  

11. Victoria, British Columbia

When Dave and I first visited Victoria BC, we said “I could live here if it were on the mainland.” 

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