15 Awesome Places To Visit In New York City

1. Spend A Day In Brooklyn

When you explore New York, you will want to add a touch of Brooklyn into your trip.

2. Walk The Manhattan Bridge

Another bridge you can walk across is the Manhattan Bridge which will take you almost directly to DUMBO.

3. Walk The Brooklyn Bridge

A great way to explore New York is on foot, and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is iconic.

4. Go Shopping

I’ll never forget my mom getting angry with me as a kid because I didn’t want to buy anything from Bloomingdales.

5. Little Italy

I don’t think there is a cooler Italian area anywhere in the world (outside of Italy). This is a part of the city that has somewhat kept its heritage.

6. The American Museum Of Natural History

This is a fun museum for them to see dinosaurs, life-size animals, and scenic displays.

7. The Museum Of Modern Art

For Modern Art, MOMA is the place to go. It was the first museum we ever visited in New York because we had heard so much about it!

8. The Statue Of Liberty

It’s New York’s most famous attraction and besides learning about its history, it also offers amazing views of the city.

9. New York Public Library

I know what you are saying, “Who goes to the library anymore?” But the NYC Stephen A. Schwarzman Public Library is special.

10. Take A Boat Tour

If you don’t want to visit the actual islands of Ellis or Liberty, we suggest taking a boat tour to see New York from the water.

11. The Vessel

The Vessel at Hudson Yards is a remarkable work of art that gives wannabe photographers their perfect Instagram-worthy shot.

12. Wall Street

The High Line is a 1 1/2 mile long (2.4 km) elevated walkway and park that cuts through Manhattan’s West Side.

13. The Charging Bull

This is a silly little thing that attracts way too many visitors for what it is.

14. Cycle Central Park

Central Park is one of my favorite places in Manhattan and no visit to the city would be complete without at least stepping foot in it.

15. Times Square

New York City’s Times Square is the most famous square in the world. This is probably one of the most touristy things to do in New York, but you cannot miss seeing it.

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