15 Amazing Things To Do In Juneau, Alaska

1. Mendenhall Glacier

The pictures don’t do it justice, the sheer enormity of the Mendenhall glacier will take your breath away.  

2. Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center

When you first reach the Mendenhall Valley, it is best to head to the Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center to find out what areas are safe to explore.  

3. Mendenhall Ice Cave

The Mendenhall ice caves are one of the coolest things to see in Juneau. 

4. Nugget Fall

You’ll also definitely want to check out Nugget Falls, which pours down into Mendenhall Lake where you can go skating in the winter months.  

5. Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure

How can a rainforest sit within minutes of gargantuan glaciers you might wonder. And it’d be a valid query.  

6. Mount Roberts Tramway

If you want a bit of adventure, you can hike to the top, or you can take the tram up and hike back down. 

7. Hiking Trail

You can’t visit Juneau without visiting all of the beautiful hiking trails surrounding the city. 

8. Juneau Waterfront

If hiking isn’t your thing but you want to go for a walk, the Juneau waterfront is a fantastic stroll.

9. Tracy Arm Fjord 

The best way to experience the Tracy Arm Fjord is on a small boat with a guide. 

10. Glacier Bay National Park

Near the lodge is a visitors center, exhibits, kayak rentals, and campgrounds. 

11. Helicopter Tours And Glacier Flight

Until you have seen a glacier from above, there is no way to understand the enormity of their crevasses and peaks. 

12. Ziplining

If you want to try your hand a zip lining, there are zipline adventures offered in Juneau. 

13. Dog Sledding

One of the most popular adventures in Juneau is to book a dogsledding trip. 

14. Bald Eagle

Many people will not spot a single bald eagle in their whole life, but if you visit Juneau, chances are you’ll spot quite a few.  

15. Whale Watching

Even though we have done a couple of cruises through Alaska, we have gone on a whale watching tour in Juneau two times.  

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