7 Popular Islands Of Micronesia You Should Explore

1. Pohnpei

Pohnpei, the capital state of Micronesia, is a land filled with tradition and mystery.  

2. Yap 

Yap is one of the most beautiful islands in Micronesia with a rich culture and long history. 

3. Palau  

It consists of more than 200 pristine islands surrounded by turquoise blue waters and magical sceneries.  

4. Kiribati 

Kiribati is a part of Micronesia and consists of 33 islands, which are grouped into three major island groups. 

5. Nauru  

The island with less population is full of beautiful nature and striking views.  

6. Chuuk 

The lush vegetation on the islands harbors unique migratory birdlife. 

7. Kosrae  

Kosrai is second largest island of Micronesia and is also popularly known as ‘The Sleeping Lady’. 

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