13 Exciting Things To Do In Thessaloniki, Greece

1. Check out the Gaudi-like Pasha’s Garden

2. Reconnect with nature at Lake Kerkini

3. Challenge your own perceptions at the Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki

4. Relax and rejuvenate with Physis Massage Therapy

5. Take a day trip to the fascinating monasteries of Meteora

6. Walk the same paths that wealthy Romans walked through at Octagon Palace

7. Absorb abstract art and other forms of art inside the Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation

8. Catch the sun rays at Chalkidiki Blue Lagoon on a day trip

9. Enjoy a cup of traditional Greek coffee

10. Experience a truly healing moment at Pozar Thermal Baths for the day

11. Soar through the Greek atmosphere skydiving in Polykastro

12. Splish splash around Waterland

13. Enjoy the musical stylings of talented Greek artists at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall

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