Wonderful Experience Venice Ghost and Legends Walking Tour 2023

Welcome to Venice, a magical and mysterious city. Venice’s spooky allure comes to life when the sun sets and night falls. Get ready for a spine-tingling journey as we take you to some of the city’s most frightening and haunted spots.

This eerie city guide will expose the mysteries that lurk beneath the surface of the Floating City, from ghost stories to enigmatic folklore.

Venice is regarded as one of the most romantic towns in the world, but local tour guide Cristina is aware that a secret, horrifying history lies behind the picture-perfect maze of canals and calli (alleyways). 

The core of her wildly popular Venice Ghost and Legends Walking Tour is built on these murder and mayhem stories.

She discusses creepy haunts that serve as the backdrop to terrifying tales of medieval serial killers and contemporary cursed castles during her moonlit promenade around Venice’s most terrifying nooks. 

These lonely squares and dimly lit lanes, which are removed from the bustle of the city’s well-known attractions, resemble the Venice of earlier eras when murderers and other criminals lurked around every corner, and going outside after dark was a nerve-wracking danger.

Spooky History of Venice

It should not come as a surprise that Venice has witnessed a great deal of evil deeds and horrible deaths given its long history. “Why is the past of Venice so gloomy?” Asks Cristina.

“Remember that on March 25, 2021, Venice began commemorating its founding’s 1,600th anniversary. If these walls could talk, they would have a lot to say about the numerous residents of each palazzo. 

There are so many tales! The vitality of our past is still present. For more than a thousand years, Venice, once among the most powerful maritime republics in the world, served as the center of a vast trading empire.

Along with thieves, assassins, gamblers, and other inhabitants of the underworld, the city was swarming with ship captains and sailors, traders, merchants, and moneylenders.

The Spookiest Time to Visit Venice

In Venice, the summer season lasts during these months. The best time to visit Venice is unquestionably now.

After Easter, the weather improves, and the highest temperature you’ll experience during the day won’t rise above 35 degrees Celsius.

Take note that Venice is very congested on May Day, which is May 1. You should therefore make an effort to schedule your travel correctly.

Venice’s Most Haunted Attractions

Remember, as you explore the spooky side of Venice, always be respectful of the city’s history and the stories that have been passed down through generations.

The Ghostly Gondolier

Your spooky adventure should begin in the Canale Grande, where a phantom gondolier is supposed to paddle the waters. Locals say to have seen a gondolier rowing along the canals invisibly with his face disguised by a wide-brimmed hat. According to legend, he is destined to repeat his last voyage, looking for a lost love, forever.

The Cursed Palazzo Dario 

Make your way to the Palazzo Dario, a lovely Gothic building with a somber past. The palazzo, despite its gorgeous exterior, has a curse that has followed its owners for decades.

Those who have owned it have met mysterious deaths, financial loss, and misery. The palazzo is still vacant today and exudes a sinister air.

The Phantom Bridge

Discover the myth of the Phantom Bridge by going to the Calle del Diavolo (Devil’s Lane). According to legend, a phantasmal bridge appears over the Rio di San Felice at the stroke of midnight.

Anyone with enough courage to cross it will be taken to a parallel dimension and return confused and disoriented.

The Ghostly Steps of the Palazzo Contarini Della Porta

Wonderful Experience Venice Ghost and Legends Walking Tour 2023

Enter the Palazzo Contarini Della Porta to see the phantom phenomenon known as the “staircase of whispers.”

There may be echoes and murmurs as you proceed up the big staircase, as though the whispers of the past are still present. Many people think that the people who once lived in the Palazzo are still stuck inside it.

The Haunted Island of Poveglia

Take a spooky boat excursion to the Island of Poveglia, one of the most mysterious places on Earth. This island has a troubled history. It was originally used as a quarantine area for the plague and then as a facility for the mentally ill.

The abandoned structures are supposed to be home to ghostly apparitions, agonizing cries, and other unearthly energies, making them a spine-chilling destination for the courageous.

Cafes to Explore in Venice

While Venice is known for its picturesque canals and historical landmarks, it also hides a few haunted cafes where you can indulge in both coffee and ghostly encounters. Here are some haunted cafes in Venice worth exploring:

1. Caffè Florian

Located in the iconic Piazza San Marco, Caffè Florian is not only one of the oldest cafes in Venice but is also rumored to be haunted. Established in 1720, the cafe has attracted famous literary figures, artists, and musicians over the centuries. Visitors have reported eerie experiences, such as whispers in empty rooms and the feeling of being watched. 

2. Café Quadri

Another hangout with a reputation for ghost stories is Café Quadri, which is next to Caffè Florian in Piazza San Marco. The spirit of a young woman who tragically passed away there centuries ago is rumored to haunt it. Some people have reported seeing her ghost or sensing a sinister presence while sipping their coffee. 

3. Caffè Lavena

Caffè Lavena, which can be found on the picturesque island of Lido, is well known for its elegance and ties to the illustrious composer Richard Wagner. During his visits to Venice, Wagner was known to frequent the cafe, and it is said that his ghost remains there. Enjoy a cup of coffee while visualizing the musical genius’s essence adorning the space.

4. Caffè della Salute

Caffè della Salute is a coffee shop with a haunted background that is tucked away in the Dorsoduro neighborhood close to the Basilica della Salute. The ghost of a jilted bride, who is described as a white-clad ghost, is claimed to haunt the cafe. Her ethereal presence, which visitors have claimed to have seen near the cafe, lends this charming place a hint of mystery.

5. Caffè Pasticceria Didovich

Caffè Pasticceria Didovich is a lovely cafe with a creepy reputation located in the center of Venice’s Jewish Ghetto. Staff members and guests have reported feeling the presence of a ghostly rabbi who is said to haunt the building. Watch for any eerie happenings that might point to the rabbi’s spectral presence while enjoying delectable pastries and espresso.

Where to Stay in Venice

If you’re seeking an extra dose of spine-chilling excitement during your visit to Venice, consider staying in one of its haunted hotels. 

These eerie accommodations are rumored to be inhabited by restless spirits and offer an unforgettable, ghostly experience. Brace yourself as we reveal some of the most haunted hotels in Venice:

1. The Ca’ Dario Hotel

Located in the infamous cursed Palazzo Dario, the Ca’ Dario Hotel offers brave guests a truly haunted stay. With its dark history and tales of mysterious deaths, the hotel is said to be haunted by the spirits of the unfortunate souls who fell victim to the palazzo’s curse. Stay at your own risk and prepare for possible encounters with the otherworldly.

2. The Gritti Palace Hotel

The Gritti Palace Hotel, which was formerly a noble home, is renowned for its opulent amenities and beautiful views of the Grand Canal. But there are also claims that it is haunted. A transparent woman who resembles a 16th-century noblewoman has been spotted by visitors walking the hallways. Some people even assert that they have experienced a spooky touch or mysterious whispering in the middle of the night.

3. The Hotel Metropole

The Hotel Metropole is a well-liked tourist site with a storied past and lavish interior design. It is also said to be home to spectral beings. Visitors have reported encounters with spectral apparitions, unusual noises, and paranormal events. The hotel is a favorite pick for people looking for a spine-tingling vacation because of its gloomy atmosphere and historical charm.

4. The Saturnia & International Hotel

Dating back to the 14th century, the Saturnia & International Hotel exudes an old-world charm. However, it is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a former maid. Guests have reported encountering a maid-like figure dressed in period clothing, silently going about her duties. While she appears harmless, her presence adds an element of mystery to the hotel’s atmosphere.

5. The Westin Europa & Regina Hotel

On the Grand Canal, the Westin Europa & Regina Hotel offers spectacular views and opulent rooms. It is, however, rumored to have a haunted chamber, notably room 1302. Inexplicable phenomena including flickering lights, sharp temperature drops, and uneasiness have been observed by visitors who have stayed in this room. This room can be ideal if you want to have a creepy experience.

Haunted Bars in Venice

Venice not only offers haunted cafes but also boasts a few haunted bars where you can enjoy a drink and perhaps encounter some ghostly company. Here are some haunted bars in Venice worth exploring:

Taverna Al Remer, a medieval pub famed for its vibrant ambiance and paranormal occurrences, is located close to the Rialto Bridge. Unidentified cold spots, disembodied voices, and glasses that move on their own have all been reported by visitors.

Popular pub Acarro Jazz is well-known for its jazz performances live and ghost stories. The spirit of a jazz musician who previously played there is said to haunt the place. Bar Longhi’s exquisite decor and canal views provide a traditional Venetian experience.


Venice is a place rich in eerie stories and haunting encounters because of its long history and compelling legends.

Every part of the city hides a tale just waiting to be discovered, from cursed palazzos to haunting waterways. Visitors are enchanted by Venice’s winding streets, dilapidated buildings, and foggy canals.

You follow knowledgeable guides into eerie alleyways as they relate ghost stories and paranormal encounters. These trips provide a unique opportunity to explore the city’s eerie side while learning about history, culture, and spine-tingling encounters.

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