Top 15 Tropical Honeymoon Destinations to Make Your Trip Special

Planning for the ideal honeymoon destinations could be a tricky situation for sure. But it gets easier as you are clear with what destinations suit you, hill stations, beaches, and adventure-based that depend on you and your partner.

If you’re into beachy vibes that are relaxing, we have curated tropical honeymoon destinations to make your honeymoon planning much easier.

Lying by the side of the beach sipping coconut water and drinks, viewing water waves, or getting involved in watersports make an exciting honeymoon experience, after all, it happens once in a lifetime!

Considering the account of travel experts, and user votes these are the Best Tropical Destinations you should definitely check out!

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Tropical Honeymoon Destinations to make your trip memorable!

These destinations are gorgeous and work perfect recreation centers, are quite budget-friendly, and will give you one of a kind experience.

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1. Indonesia


Known to be one of the most romantic tropical honeymoon destinations, with an uncountable number of islands up to 17,000, you get to see volcanic views, Buddha statues, jungle-cloaked temples, pristine beaches, and luxurious resorts.

You can also swim and scuba dive in the gorgeous locations of Buddha Statues and explore emerald green rice fields!

Best Time to Visit: June

Best Destinations to Visit: Bali, Ubud, Jakarta, Kuta, Gili Islands, etc.

2. The Caribbean

Undoubtedly one of the best picks as a honeymoon destination, with seashell-dusted, is a combination of 5000 islands, that has unique tourist attractions and budget resorts to explore.

The hummingbirds between banana leaves, mouth-watering gourmet cuisine, and the wafting aroma of fresh lobster will keep you hooked to this place and ask to stay for more.

Best Time to Visit: February

Best Destinations to Visit: Barbados, Saint Lucia, Havana, Grenada, Cayman Islands, etc.

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3. Maldives

Works like magic for every new weds, Maldives will give you the beach vibes and sunbath together. With more than 1000 islands together, Maldives is a perfect place to explore Dolphin safaris to desert-island picnics where can also enjoy beach activities romantic plunge pools, and personalized spa treatments in luxury suits.

Best Time to Visit: January

Best Destinations to Visit: Lhaviyani Atoll, Malé, Maafushi, Raa Atoll, Addu City, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, to name a few.

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4. Hawaii

Hawaii gives you a one-of-a-kind honeymoon experience, with gorgeous landscapes that introduce us to a different take on natural bliss, vast volcanic landscapes with coastal safaris, surf lessons, volcanic mountain biking, and more pumping activities to blow your mind. Evenings can be taken top-notch with treehouse dates that can be arranged anytime.

Best Time to Visit: July

Best Destinations to Visit: Honolulu, Maui, Kauai, the Island of Hawai’i, and Lanai, are a few places to visit.

5. French Polynesia

A combination of 118 idyllic islands, French Polynesia is perfect for romance a cool honeymoon vacation with plenty of space and privacy for honeymooners and the newlyweds.

Spending your days exploring hilltop spas, snorkeling with manta rays, and unearthing beautiful black pearls. Beaches like Bora Bora, Raiatea, and Moore give you a perfect reason to extend your vacation longer.

Best Time to Visit: July

Best Destinations to Visit: are a few places to visit.

6. Thailand


Thailand is a gorgeous world for a romantic honeymoon all alone. You can explore warming beaches, jungle-clad National Parks, foodie hotspots, and cherished temples adding an exciting contrast with the perfect blend of culture and exotic.

You can also prefer taking night dives and exploring hidden caves on kayaks as you wish.

Best Time to Visit: January

Best Destinations to Visit: Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Ko Samui, are a few places to visit.

7. Mexico


Mexico is a gorgeous location to visit for honeymooners. Winning hearts for ages there are a lot of ancient Mayan ruins, emerald cenotes, and world-famous romantic beaches with a number of street food to hop on.

Dive deep into the 1,500-year-old Mayan secrets and have hearty meat of fresh tacos along the streets of Merida.

Check out the things to do in Mexico that includes Hot Air Balloon rides are the most popular ones, so that’s a must-visit.

Best Time to Visit: March

Best Destinations to Visit: Don’t miss out on Playa Delfines, Playa Norte, Xoximilco, and Isla Contoy are a few places to visit.

8. Turks & Caicos

The alluring Caribbean archipelago of Turks & Caicos is renowned for its magnificent white-sand beaches, blue waters, and vivid coral reefs. This British Overseas Territory, which is southeast of the Bahamas, provides a tranquil haven surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Turks & Caicos is popular with tourists because of its top-notch diving and snorkeling, plush resorts, and relaxed attitude. 

Best Time to Visit: February, March, and April.

Best Destinations to Visit: Visit the breathtaking Grace Bay Beach, Grand Turk’s charming history, and the remote paradises of Middle Caicos and Salt Cay for a memorable tour across Turks & Caicos’ varied natural beauties.

9. St. Barts

St. Barts, a mesmerizing Caribbean island, is a must-visit location for anybody looking for luxury and charm in a beautiful tropical setting. Its combination of French refinement, immaculate beaches, fine restaurants, and vibrant culture entices tourists.

Best Time to Visit: November to April

Best Destinations to Visit: Explore the upscale shops in Gustavia, relax on the stunning beaches like Saline Beach, and take in the panoramic views from the old Fort Gustave to learn more about St. Barts’ charm.

10. Jamaica

Best Resorts in Jamaica For A Romantic Vacation

Jamaica is a stunning island that consistently ranks as one of the top honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean. Everyone will enjoy Jamaica’s stunning beaches, excellent snorkeling and scuba diving, mouthwatering regional cuisine, vibrant culture, fascinating historic sites, and vibrant nightlife. 

Best Time to Visit: December to April

Best Destinations to Visit: Discover the best of Jamaica at these locations: Montego Bay, with its vibrant atmosphere and stunning beaches; Negril, with its laid-back vibe and stunning sunsets; Ocho Rios, with its Dunn’s River Falls and lush surroundings; and Kingston, the island’s cultural center, with its music, history, and vibrant markets.

11. Curacao

A gorgeous Caribbean jewel that combines tropical charm and European refinement. Explore its historically significant museums and attractions, meander through its attractive alleyways decorated with colorful colonial architecture, and savor the mix of flavors in its culinary scene. 

Explore the rich marine life in the clean waters by snorkeling or diving. Curacao offers a singular fusion of culture and natural beauty that ensures a rich and wonderful travel experience.

Best Time to Visit: December to mid-April

Best Destinations to Visit: Don’t miss exploring the historic forts like Fort Amsterdam, enjoying the Floating Market, and visiting the fascinating museums, including the Maritime Museum and Kura Hulanda Museum.

12. The Bahamas

Bahamas Budget Travel Guide 2022

The Bahamas, a famous honeymoon location with several islands around 180 miles from Miami, welcomes 6.5 million visitors each year. The Bahamas is a fantastic option for couples seeking a tropical honeymoon that doesn’t take too long to get to, offering a mild climate, plenty of year-round sunshine, as well as a vast variety of magnificent white-sand beaches and beautiful resorts.

Best Time to Visit: December to April

Best Destinations to Visit: Visit Nassau, the bustling capital with its historic charm and lively markets, Paradise Island, where you can find the Atlantis Resort and gorgeous beaches, Exuma Cays, where you can go pig swimming and enjoy the pristine waters, and breathtaking Harbour Island, with its pink sand beaches and laid-back vibe.

13. The Dominican Republic

Due to its abundance of inexpensive resorts, stunning beaches, adventurous activities, and exploration, the Dominican Republic routinely ranks among the most popular honeymoon locations in the Caribbean. One of the most well-liked locations in the Dominican Republic for honeymoons is Punta Cana, and it lives up to its reputation. 

Best Time to Visit: December to April

Best Destinations to Visit: Punta Cana, for its luxurious resorts and pristine beaches; Santo Domingo, with its rich history and colonial charm; Puerto Plata, offering diverse attractions and cable car rides; and Samaná, known for its whale watching, El Limón waterfall, and unspoiled beauty.

14. Grenada

The tiny Caribbean island of Grenada is a lovely tropical honeymoon location whether you’re searching for a beach paradise, a rich culture, delectable cuisine, or exciting activities.

Grenada is a nature lover’s paradise with lovely sandy beaches (including both white and black sand), lush green hills covered in tropical fruit trees and spice plantations, and amazing dive locations. For newlyweds who enjoy outdoor activities, it is ideal.

Best Time to Visit: January to May

Best Destinations to Visit: St. George’s, the charming capital with a historic fort and colorful architecture; Grand Anse Beach, known for its stunning shoreline; Annandale Falls, a serene natural wonder; and Levera Beach, offering a tranquil escape and sea turtle nesting site.

15. Barbados

A paradise in the Caribbean where emerald waves meet golden sands. Experience its colorful culture’s warm embrace, from vivacious festivals to historic landmarks. Discover the island’s magnificent gardens, indulge in fine cuisine, and take in the welcoming atmosphere as you embark on an incredible voyage.

Best Time to Visit: December and June

Best Destinations to Visit: Bridgetown, the UNESCO-listed capital; relax on the pristine shores of Crane Beach; discover the natural wonder of Harrison’s Cave; and immerse yourself in local history at St. Nicholas Abbey, a historic plantation house.

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