10 Reasons Why Traveling Is the Best Form of Self Care

Travelling is one of the most enlightening forms of self-care. Did you know that majority of Americans who work more than 40 hours a week also are the ones who are in bad shape while managing stress, anxiety, and relationships?

Last year noted 658 million unused vacation days! According to a study by Project Time Off, young women are the most unlikely to use their vacation days. The women of our generation are burning out, faster than ever. 

Doing what you like and loving your job isn’t bad but not spending enough time with yourself is. That is one of the reasons we tend to keep our happiness in the back seat, and everything else sort of takes a toll on mental health.

Talking of mental health, Traveling and visiting a new place can be so therapeutic. Check out these Amazing destinations to travel solo for women that I’ve listed for safer and joyful travel.

Why Traveling Should Be Essential for Self-care?

It all comes down to Mental Health, to start with. Stress is the leading reason for every major health condition we face in Western society. While it’s killing us, we’ve accepted it too.

While going out on a run, meditating and eating, and feeling good can help, what works even better is a little trip to that mountain you wanted, or that beach or that country and live like a nobody to understand that somebody inside you!

10 Reasons Why Traveling Is the Best Form of Self Care

There are various reasons why traveling is the Best Form of Self-Love. Here are a few reasons that I have listed!

Let’s check it out!

  1. You Learn about the World
  2. Networking
  3. Giving time to yourself
  4. Do things that make you happy
  5. Get out of your comfort zone
  6. Freshness
  7. Healing and Relaxation
  8. Improves Self Awareness
  9. Inspiration and Creativity
  10. Keeps you Present

1.You Learn About the World

Travel opens your eyes. The whole perception of the world and people around get changed once you step out, take that solo trip you’ve always dreamt of.

The world is a diverse place and it gives enough moments to fall in love with itself and once you start witnessing the beauty of it, there’s no going back.

Traveling is sometimes just what you need to appreciate the things around you, the people around you to be proud of, that you may take for granted back at home.


Traveling gives you a huge opportunity to meet new people. They can be your fellow travelers, who meet in your way.

While you’re working at the firm, these little travel breaks on your weekends can help you meet people who’re working at different firms, and meeting such people is a nice way if in-person networking!

3.Giving Time to Yourself

Self-care starts with spending time with yourself. Most of the time we spend time at home fixed at our phones and things that do not really make sense. It’s a good time to detox your mind from devices and notice the beauty around.

Exploring the unknown streets, enjoying good music also includes the process of knowing yourselves.

4.Do Things That Make You Happy

Make a list of things that make you happy, little hobbies like dancing, sketching, learning a new local language can work as therapy.

There is so much to know and to learn, working day in and day out can be really exhausting hence these little hobbies help you give your mind a break from all the hustle and live freely. 

“Traveling solo makes you realize that you can take yourself on dates anytime, without having to rely on the company of others.”

5.Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you want to go out of your comfort zone and experience new things, traveling is the way to go. The location with a new language, new terrain, new cuisines helps us to push our limits to try more and be habituated to things we are not.

Traveling helps you make spontaneous decisions and be on your toes while in rainy situations, a lot of problem-solving comes from here.


Traveling to a new place helps you give that break from a monotonous stressful schedule. Take a day or two, visit a near place, and start exploring. You’ll realize that your mind is much fresher while you resume work after the trip.

You’ve met new people, made friends, tried different cuisines, and done things that make you happy. What better Monday you’ll have!

7.Healing and Relaxation

It is said that healing starts with acceptance. A trip with yourself helps you to spend more time with yourself, learning new things about yourself is a different yet fruitful experience.

You heal while you recall your past and let go as happiness and joy wait in these little adventures, trust me when I say this, it will make your soul happy!

8.Improves Self Awareness

A new city with no clue whatsoever can let you be lost in the world of unknowns. To travel safe and secure, you need to be aware.

While you travel solo, you learn a lot of things about yourself that help you set new goals, new hobbies to pick and think more broadly about the consequences of your decisions.

It also helps you embrace self-change and releases yourself from all the judgments you’ve imposed on yourself.

9.Inspiration and Creativity

New locations and destinations always come with new experiences, and stories to tell which again inspires and makes us more creative.

While we’re just exploring the unknown or chilling at a favorite place sketching nature, travel destinations have various reasons to get inspired. 

Taking the first attempt to let me go and take in my surroundings leaves me with a fresh state of mind and new ideas and so will you.

10.Keeps You Present

Traveling is a therapy to the mind just like meditation or exercising. A new journey or adventure always brings excitement and preparation of things that follow, which helps you to be in the present and live that moment to the fullest.

You’ll have no other choice than to be present while traveling, and the future is not to be thought about.

You create memories to cherish, only by enjoying every moment in the new terrain that you’ve been.


One of the most crucial pieces of advice I’d want you to give that will change the way you enjoy trips is Social Media detox. In fact, try to be less active on phone and spend more time with yourself.

While you’d want to click pictures and videos, which of course you must do, but consider spamming your feed later and focusing is enjoying the moment. 

I’m leaving you with these tips and tricks that will make your travel journey a memorable one.

If you’re considering taking that first trip, that plunge in your life, check out my “List of Tips as a female solo traveler” to get yourself started.

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