11 Top Tourist Attractions in Oslo & Places to Visit

Norway is a mix of cultural and natural wonders leaving endless choices for every kind of traveler. Be it, somebody who’s traveling for the first time or somebody who’s professionally into it, Norway has the best experiences to offer!

If you’re a budding traveler or a student, you might also consider these travel destinations on a budget for students which includes Norway as well!

Numerous mountains and rugged coastline, snowcapped mountain peaks and deep fjords, seafaring, fishing art, and entertainment, you’ve got it all here.

If you’re wondering what top tourist attractions in Oslo, Norway, we’ve got you covered.

Top 11 Tourist Attractions in Oslo, Norway in 2022

These are the top attractions in Norway that you must consider if you’re visiting for the first time. 

1. Tromso Fjords

A series of islands and skerries laced with waterways and scalloped inlets, Tromso Fjords makes the best day trips with friends and family. The long, narrow sea inlets are characterized by steep, mountainous slopes that will blow your mind.

2. Viking Ship Museum

Based on Oslo’s Bygdoy Peninsula, lies the Viking Ship Museum’s extensive collection of Viking-era artifacts discovered around Oslo Fjord is best known for its Viking ships reconstructed and elegantly displayed in pristine white galleries.

3. Oslo Opera House

Designed by an architectural company by Snøhetta, and made from white granite and marble and evocative of a floating glacier, Oslo Opera House is one of the most famous locations to visit for sure.

4. Oslo Royal Palace

Oslo’s neoclassical Royal Palace was created by architect Hans Linstow, was built in the 19th century for King Charles III is one of the most popular attractions to visit in Norway. It is also the official house of King Harald V and his wife Queen Sonja. 

5. Fram Museum

Best Fram Museum highly recognizable pyramidal structure on the Bygdøy Peninsula, a gorgeous-looking museum dedicated to Norwegian polar exploration and houses the most famous Norwegian polar exploration boat which is one of the spots to must book tickets.

6. Akershus Castle

Based on the banks of Oslo Fjord, Akershus Castle (Akershus Slott) which is also known as Akershus Fortress (Akershus Festning), was built in 1299 by the royal family. This castle has as a fortress to protect Oslo against sieges from rival Swedish forces, visit the castle for its history and culture.

7. Lyngen Alps

The Lyngen Alps is based High above the Arctic Circle and northeast of the Norwegian city of Tromso, which is a 56-mile-long (90-kilometer-long) mountain range creating a beautiful landscape you should visit. 

8. Polar Museum

Built-in the early 1970s, Polar Museum celebrates the city’s history as the epicenter of Arctic exploration and explores the best history and culture of Norway. The museum opened in 1978, and celebrated the anniversary of polar explorer Roald Amundsen setting sail from Tromsø which was also his ill-fated last expedition!

9. Ersfjordbotn

Norwegian Folk Museum (Norsk Folkemuseum) is a tribute to the life of Norway’s most famous dramatist Hendrik Ibsen (1828–1906), you will find authentic soft furnishings, while oil paintings, chandeliers, and vintage furniture!

10. Astrup Fearnley Museum

Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art is a gorgeous futuristic complex designed by Renzo Piano, a privately owned gallery devoted to modern and contemporary art that has both international and Norwegian artists, are you’re an artist, this will be nothing less than a heavenly experience.

11. Bygdøy Peninsula

The Bygdøy Peninsula is the famous highlight of Norwegian culture and history of exploration, which is a one-stop solution one-stop cultural and leisure destination, ideal for hiking and cycling trails, and sand beaches just make the whole trip worth it!

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