12 Tips for Students Who Want To Travel Abroad in 2023

Traveling abroad is everybody’s dream. As students, you want to travel a lot more and what’s better if you’re planning to study abroad?

If you wonder whether traveling abroad is feasible for students who dream of trips around the world, yes, it is possible.

In this blog, we’re here to break down some crucial tips for students who want to travel abroad!

While you’re planning to travel alone or with a group of friends, remember traveling on a budget is cool and can be easily mastered.

You can check out the latest articles on traveling on a budget to get an insight into how to master Budget traveling.

12 Tips for Students Who Want To Travel Abroad

These tips will help you travel abroad on a budget as a student, although remember that your friends and family will dissuade you if you’re motivated enough, you can rock these tips!

1. Intern Abroad

Summer Holidays can be a cool getaway to plan your vacation abroad with less expenditure. If you have financial constraints, an internship at a good company can really help you bring this dream come true. One of the additional benefits it offers is that you’ll get some work experience which will help you later on.

2. Volunteer

Apply for volunteering abroad and there are various such opportunities on many scales that you can for. There are many websites that offer volunteer placements including Workaway, Worldpackers, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, and HelpX. Go Overseas offer a range that includes studying abroad, teaching abroad, and volunteering abroad.

3. Use your Student Card

Get an ISIC Card that has no age range, it can be used in more than 130 countries that can include accommodations, flight fares, museums, food, etc, and that saves a lot.

Expenses of museum pass, hostel stays, and train tickets can go down to more than 80 Euros! These Student cards provide immense discounts that you will absolutely love!

4. Expert Advice

It’s always a good idea to ask experts who have been in similar situations. The affordability aspect, cost of living, grades, degrees, and other crucial requirements.

Study abroad departments have past participants or friends and family who’ve been to the destination you desire. Consider having real conversations with people of similar interests like yours and get professional advice.

5. Start a Travel Blog

Starting a travel blog can be one of the fun things but of course, it takes hard work. You need to be passionate about traveling, photography, social media, and writing while you pursue being a Travel Blogger.

It’s a little investment initially but later you can collaborate with different travel companies, monetize your blog, and get paid by traveling.

6. Befriend Locals

Locals of any country know more than any blog or source of information that you are considering. They are the source of knowledge that you can make the most use of, the best mode of local foods, transportation, and neighborhoods for accommodation, and you can learn a new language and practice it, and for sure, you get the best answers.

7. Take a Backup Device

You might need a few extra backup devices while you travel, including simple gadgets like cheap flip phones or tablets, that can be used as a substitute for your iPhone while traveling to avoid accidents.

Make sure these gadgets are wifi enabled, as phone plans work differently abroad, the communication apps, like Whatsapp, Viber, and Facebook also help to stay connected with family.

8. Stay on a Budget

Budgeting starts with proper research. Read enough blogs, talk to people, watch youtube videos and learn enough about the expenditures, destinations, and daily cost of living, and make a chart of the crucial expenses and the additional ones.

Although it’s always preferred to keep some margin for unplanned charges, staying on a budget is manageable!

9. Choose destinations wisely

Destinations play a huge role. If you travel to cheaper destinations where the dollar is strong, you’ll end up exploring a lot in an amount you can’t imagine!

The perception that you just had to be rich is dated when it’s all out for everybody to explore.

Check out these destinations where US Dollar is strong and plan trips accordingly as a student.

10. Don’t let your finances hold you back

You might consider traveling abroad a whole expensive scenario. Of course, it is, but a student card, discount codes, or travel cards for specific destinations reduces a lot of money.

Study Abroad programs also help you find the best deals to study in quotations you’ll like. You can also hire a Travel agent to look for the best deals if you’re still new to this.

11. Plan Longer Stays

Plan a little longer stay, since when you’ll reach there planning for a semester might look like an eternity but once you reach you might reconsider your return.

Also longer stays involve cheaper accommodation, and you’ll end up choosing local foods and transportation that will save you a lot.

12. Off-Peak Periods

Traveling off-season can really help you save a lot of money. Most tourists travel to certain destinations to capture a specific desire, the specialty of the destination.

The prices during those seasons of the year are naturally raised, and off-seasons result in a certain drop in prices because of fewer tourists. You can add more options to your bucket list!

These are a few tips that will help you travel abroad as a student while saving a little.

It is sometimes referred to as travel in groups as few expenses are saved, but if you’re looking for solo traveling options, here’s a guide to solo traveling you should check out.

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