10 Best Small Towns in Arizona for Cheaper Stay

Known to be the land of extremes, Arizona is covered with natural beauty and gorgeous desert landscapes, Arizona is one of the cheapest counties in the united states.

Some beautiful locations include the grand canyon, san Francisco peaks, Sonoran desert, ponderosa pine Forest, and the list goes on.

Hence, Arizona makes an ideal location for solo trips, family holidays, and long-duration honeymooners.

Arizona has got some amazing unbeatable sunsets, starry skies, hiking, tombstone, amazing Mexican food, and amazing road trips to try. 

If this question arises in your mind as to why you should be visiting Arizona, these are the reasons and perfect ones!

  • The most cosmopolitan city, pheonix is breathtaking!
  • The best outdoor adventure experiences.
  • The best luxury spas for relaxation.
  • A paradise for golf lovers.
  • Downtown scottsdale’s experience is impeccable!

I’ve listed Best Small Towns in Arizona for Cheaper Stay that will help you plan your trip the next time!

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10 Best Small Towns in Arizona

Check out the Best Small Towns in Arizona and save them before you plan your next trip!

  1. Sedona
  2. Bisbee
  3. Wickenburg
  4. Tubac
  5. Winslow
  6. Tombstone
  7. Globe
  8. Jerome
  9. Cave Creek
  10. Alpine

1. Sedona

Sedona is known to be one of the best towns in the United States, has photogenic red rocks, world-class hiking, and has a deeply spiritual side that people love. Set in between Coconino and Yavapai counties, due to Red Rocks that make the location photogenic for every traveler, giving this location a try is worth it.

Sedona Best Small Towns in Arizona for Cheaper Stay

The best locations to run through in Sedona are Cathedral Rock, Uptown Sedona, The Red Rock Scenic Byway, Jeep tours, The Chapel of the Holy Cross which should not be missed.

The best time to visit Sedona is October and November, the weather is mild and enjoyable, the gorgeous sunsets and sunsets, and another March and April.

2. Bisbee

Bisbee is another beautiful location in the United States, this picturesque brings a lot of 19th-century architecture and Victorian aesthetic that every creative person. Bisbee has been known for Mining and Historical Museum, there are many locations to hop on to.

The best location to vibe in Bisbee is Lavender Pit, Old Brisbee Brewing Company, Belleza fine art gallery, Restoration museum, Warren Ballpark to name a few.

The time to visit Bisbee is during Spring Season as you’ll get to see Rainstorms during this time and Bisbee being a dry place, travelers enjoy it a lot.

3. Wickenburg

It’s the Ranch Capital of Arizona, Wickenburg is all for Wild West Fun! Lined with historic 19th-century buildings and incredible monuments that include a 200-year-old jail! For adventure lovers, you can not miss out on horseback riding and seeing the roping show.

The best location to vibe in Wickenburg includes Del E Webb Center for performing arts, Western Museum, Saguaro Theatre, Vulture Mine Tours, Golfing, and a walk through the place.

The best time warmest time to visit Wickenburg is June, July, and August.

4. Tubac

Based in Santa Cruz County, Arizona on the Santa Cruz River, comes from an old Spanish history of the colonial garrison, later taken over by miners and farmers in the early 1800s, hence known as The Artist Colony.

The location is an artists’ delight with art galleries and museums you’d want to visit.

The best location to vibe in is The center of arts, K Newby Gallery, Flying Leap Tasting Room, and Art Gallery, Tubac Art and Gifts to name a few.

The time to visit Tubac is April, October, and November as they are the most pleasant time of the year.

5. Winslow

Based in Navajo County, the location went famous due to the song “Take it Easy” in the 70s. Two things you can’t miss out on, a drink at Turquoise Room and stopping at the historic La Posada Hotel for a relaxing moment.

Some fun locations to hop on are driving to Meteor Crater, visiting Painted Desert and Petrified Forest, catch the annual Winslow festival Standin’ On The Corner street festival but for that, you need to be there in September.

The time to visit is from June to September when the weather is pleasant enough to hop around and chill.

6. Tombstone

Based in Cochise County, Tombstone is a historic, western town that was known to be one of the last picks of frontier boomtowns. Authentically a mining spot is the largest producer of Silver. Over an hour from Tucson.

The best location to vibe in includes OK Corral, Allen Street, Boothill Graveyard, Tombstone Courthouse, Bird Cage Theatre, Rose Tree Museum, to name a few.

The Best time to visit Tombstone is between March and May which includes the beginning of spring to midsummer. In addition, you can also choose October to visit this place due to its pleasant weather in the fall. 

7. Globe

Globe is located in Gila County that was founded as a mining camo initially. The location counts as one of the National Historic since the 1890s still holds a huge role in its local economy. It has a Wild West History of murders, stagecoach robberies, outlaws, in the town stories.

The best location to vibe in includes Gila County Courthouse, Cobre Valley Center, Arizona Rafting, Old Dominion Historic Mine Park, Historic District, The Huddle, Gila County Batting Range area.

The Best time to visit in Globe is the month is January, February, and December where the average temperature is 20 degrees Celcius, making it an ideal time to visit.

8. Jerome

Jerome is known to be “the Wickedest City in the West”, which has a lot of bars, bordellos, and unscrupulous behavior. Later in 1967, it also earned the title of National Historic Landmark. Not only this but also the tourists love to visit the spooky sites Jerome is always famous for.

The best location to vibe in includes Verde Canyon Railroad, Pandora’s Ghost Adventure, Douglas Mansion, Jerome Historical Society Mine Museum, Sliding Jail, to name a few.

The Best time to visit Jerome is October to April as the fall to spring looks good at this location.

9. Cave Creek

Based in Cave Creek that’s located 27 miles northeast of Pheonix, the capital of Arizona, has various locations, most prominently Chiricahua Mountains. Take a full circle at Circle Ranch Bed and hike at Cave Creek’s regional park.

The best location to vibe in Cave Creek adds to the Regional Park, Spur Cross Ranch, Black Mountain Trail, Creek Museum, Frontier Town, Massacre Cave are a few spots that shouldn’t be missed.

The Best time to visit Cave Creek is January, February, and December with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celcius making it pleasant weather.

10. Alpine

Located in Bush Valley, in Apache County, this extremely gorgeous was known for “Fort Bush”, which is a heaven for nature lovers. It’s a beautiful destination for people who like to do the hunting, fishing, and camping or Deer Dancer Cabins if camping is not your thing, to relax and chill.

The best location to vibe in is Bath Gastein, Maggiore, Gran Paradiso National Park, Sylvenstein Dam, Upper Bavaria, Germany, The Stelvio Pass, to name a few.

The Best time to visit in Alpine is ideally June to Late August when the weather is therapeutic to chill and trip around.

Is It Expensive to Live in Arizona?

No. Arizona is one of the budget-friendly places to live in the United States. With climates very similar to Pheonix and San Diego, you get the best of experiences without spending a lot, hence, is ideal for longer vacations. 

If you’re looking to stay in Arizona for a longer duration, refer to these Cheapest Places to stay that’ll help you find a better location.

How Many Days Should I Spend in Arizona?

Considering your itinerary and the major tourist attractions, a 5-day trip to cover the main tourist attractions without rushing is a good duration to choose minimum. In addition, a 7-10 day trip can help you include a few more attractions like Lake Powell, the Painted Desert, and Antelope Canyon.

Can I Try Arizona Road Trip?

An Arizona Road Trip could be one of the best ways to enjoy Arizona where you’ll visit 3 national parks, Antelope Canyon, and can also hike to the desert hills of Sedona. A 10-day itinerary will be ideal considering it will be all packed and consumed, so make sure don’t add on to many plans at once.

Check out Dean Williamson’s experience to Arizona Road Trip and decide if you’re for such experiences! 

If you’re looking for a travel destination that is cheaper with no experience compromised, Arizona is the place to relax and have fun on a budget. The tourist attractions and the scenic beauty is all you need to take a break from a monotonous life!

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