15 Safe Solo Traveling Tips for Women from the Experts

Are you planning to take your First Solo Trip? We’re here to help you with Safe Solo Traveling Tips for Women, which you can consider before you pack!

Many women take notice of one of their dream bucket lists that involve Solo traveling keeping in mind the safety aspect.

While no trip is 100% safe for a man or a woman, the first solo trip is always considered the most memorable and religious experience.

There is something about solo traveling, the whole new city excitement, all new faces, and the thrill of exploring the unknown which makes it worth giving a shot.

There has been a sudden rise in women taking Solo trips. In a survey, it was shown that there has been a growth in women booking tickets for solo traveling by up to 88% in the last four years.

These women belonged from countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, etc, hence, when asked the reason behind traveling solo, women answered the following:

  • It gives them a sense of Freedom, Independence and provides a chance to do whatever they want to.
  • They are fed up with people disappointing them at the last moment, hence they travel Solo.
  • Taking up challenges and exploring, helps them gain confidence.

Women around the world take their first solo trip at various stages of their life, in their 20s, 30s, 40s, the list goes on.

Hence it is important for women to take notes on successful solo traveling tips with safety so that no dream remains unfulfilled.

15 Safe Solo Traveling Tips for Women

Based on Women who’ve traveled Solo all their lives, we’ve accumulated some of the best traveling tips and guides for women to take care of their safety:

1. Research the Destination

Researching about the destination counts as your first step to traveling Solo. While you’ll be reading stuff on tourist destinations, best places to visit, Eateries, and adventure activities to try on, make sure that you also focus on the fact that how is the place for tourists, guidelines,

learning about every nook and corner of the place, safeguarding tips from being conned by the locals, keep in mind these aspects before you choose a destination.

Another important point to note is to have a budget idea of all the expenditures so that you know if the other person aims to con.

2. Pick the Right Accommodation

As women, our top priority remains the safety of accommodation. Give yourself enough time to read reviews of women solo travelers who have been a part of a similar trip that you’re going to take.

Don’t just randomly pick any hostel as well. You can also contact the receptionist to clear any queries you have in your mind.

Make inquiries, booking them pre-time so that the doors are open for you even when you reach of the time. There are various sites like HostelWorld to go safe hostel accommodations for girls.

3. Be Confident while Traveling

As someone who’s traveling for the first time, things might go otherwise and cases might be different. Being confident in such situations helps you deal with whatever situations are thrown in front of you.

One of the best ways you can achieve this is by being aware and well prepared for the details of the city, and don’t look lost in the crowd as it attracts thieves and con artists.

4. Minimal Travel Necessities

Travel Light. Research about the weather conditions and the crucial things that need to be carried out. Else, only pack basics that can be worn again and again in different ways, and stock more undergarments and essential picks like sanitary pads, waterproof bags, and a jacket for colder places.

Make a list of things you’re traveling with so that you can check at each stopping point so that you don’t miss out on any of your belongings.

5. Take a Picture of Your Passport

It often happens that people lose their Passports while traveling. While this can turn out to be a major drawback, backing it up with a picture of your passport still works.

Always keep a digital copy of your passports in different locations, email, drive, pictures, whatever suits you.

Not only passports but always backup the traveling data in hard copy and soft copy. If your phone gets missing, you should still be able to get back home safely.

6. Carry all Identification Documents

Your Identification documents are crucial hence you must carry all Identification documents. These include your passport, ID proof, driver’s license in case you plan to rent a vehicle, Visa, Forex Card or Foreign Currency, Air Tickets, and Accommodation proofs, to add a few.

You can carry a money belt to carry all these documents, it can be a very handy solution.

If you’re confused about what ID proofs to carry, check out the mentioned Essential Documents while Traveling to have a clear idea of the same.

7. Keep Someone Updated on Your Itinerary

You must keep somebody updated on your Itinerary. Even if you’re looking for achieving that freedom in your life, let your family know a rough Itinerary, at least one person should be knowing about every step you take.

This practice helps to reach out to those people who can reach out to the embassy or the hostel in bad experiences. Keep updated on your whereabouts to somebody.

8. Travel During the Day

Traveling during the Day is much safer than traveling at night at least for girls. Thieves and cons are pretty much everywhere and also there will be much more people whom you can ask, explorations are easy in daylight.

You’ll eventually feel safer in public places and transport as it can get shady anytime.

Start your day early and picture your day accordingly so that you don’t miss out on anything.

9. Keep Money in Front Pockets

First of all, always carry cash or foreign currency rather than just relying on Online payments as you have no idea of the places where online payments are accepted and where they are not.

Keep cash in the front pockets of your luggage, backpack, and trouser pockets, spread equally so that you’re never out of cash also if you lose any of your luggage, you’re still left with some at all times. Backing up cash in various pockets is much more important.

10. Avoid Being Recognized as Tourists

Blend in with the people. It is the best way to hide from the thieves and cons around you. Don’t stare at the maps or look overexcited, sometimes dressing up extra adds to looking excited and touristy.

Keep these things in mind, and also follow your guts while communicating with new people, when you’re in confusion. 

You can also shop for a few pieces of clothing to replicate their fashion which will be of great help

11. Trust your Instincts

Taking the leap of faith is crucial at moments and also there will be situations where you’ll not have many options to pursue.

In adverse situations, you must follow your instincts while also having a backup plan for everything you do. While you shouldn’t miss out on having fun but always stay alert.

Traveling helps you meet new people and make friends, so you must be able to differentiate between the genuine ones and the ones who are not so that you end up making good friends and not getting conned.

12. Avoid Eye Contacts

While traveling to tourist destinations one must remember that you’re bound to listen to theft stories, one of the key ways how you can prevent yourself is to Avoid Eye contact.

This forms an illusion that you don’t care as you aren’t a tourist. Keep it casual and low-key to keep thieves away. 

If you land up in a situation where someone is trying to make eye contact and is making you uncomfortable, you can always keep your eyes downwards and keep walking, but not in a shady manner.

13. Don’t smoke or drink too much

Don’t smoke or drink too much while you are traveling especially as a woman. While you might end up meeting great people and would want to hang out with them, it’s always safe to get back to your hostel, or hotel room and then set up an activity like this.

The thing is, that you lose awareness and inhibitions which increases the chance of getting robbed, losing passwords, and getting coned become much easier. 

14. Insurance

Make sure you get your Travel Insurance sorted. There is an old saying that says if you can not afford travel insurance, you can’t afford Travel.

Traveling solo in an unknown place can sometimes land with many adversities which Travel Insurance can surely help with.

You’ll feel safer and more confident wandering on those unexplored roads when you know there’s something to back you up.

15. Take It Easy on Your First and Last Day

Taking it easy on your first and last day will help you keep in check everything you got and things that you are taking back. You can always carry a checklist to match your items and make sure not to add more items by shopping extra. 

Also, a lighter first day will help you plan you’re itinerary better and will keep you energized while the end day of the trip will help you summarise the trip well.

These were a few Safe Solo Traveling Tips for Women that one must keep in mind.

Solo Traveling has its own ways of having fun. This is one of the best comments we’ve heard so far:

” I was a late bloomer as far as travel goes. I took my first solo trip to Nassau, Bahamas when I was 34. I was nervous at first. But I got there and made so many travel friends. I had a glorious time.

I haven’t stopped traveling yet and I’ll be 64 soon. Planning another big trip around the world. Retired now and will live on the “road” until I decide to come back”

Why Women Should Travel Solo?

These are a few reasons why women consider taking their first solo trip with safety and why they continue doing it:

  • To give life a break from Monotony.
  • No travel buddies mean no Drama.
  • Turning Down the noise of the outside world.
  • Step to Self-Care
  • Complete unusual Travel desires.
  • To build confidence and become independent.
  • It makes them Strong.
  • Making important decisions in life.

Having that said, we have listed some of the Safe Solo Traveling trips for women and how can they start going, Solo.


While there are a few things we’d like to add just for your personal enjoyment. These include:

  • Don’t let strangers know of your accommodation, even if you feel like they’re genuine, your accommodation should be the safest place.
  • Prefer building relationships will more female travelers and trying to be a part of their community for future trips.
  • Take a break from technology and forget about others, rather focus only on what makes you feel better.
  • In case you want to shop, help their economy by shopping from local brands.
  • Make the most of your trip.


Solo Traveling brings confidence in women, be it any age. Although it can be a bit of a challenge when you travel solo for the first time it’s always a risk worth taking.

While reading Safe Solo Traveling Tips for Women might make you feel confused about whether to take this leap or not, trust us when we say yes, and it’s always worth it. 

Always keep a Plan B. It will only allow you to enjoy yourself freely and be a little stressed about the worst situations.

So in any case there are chances that things might not go as planned, where to stay, eat, chill, and do touristy stuff with enough safety, plan B always works. 

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