10 Places to Visit in Amsterdam, Tourist Places & Attractions

Listed below are the 10 Places to visit in Amsterdam that involve major cultural attractions, there’s something for each of us this city offers.

1. Rijksmuseum


Out of 60 World-class museums present in Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum showcases interesting artifacts from the 13th century, 8,000 important paintings spread across 250 rooms, is a paradise for art lovers.

2. Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House

Known to be the house of the world’s best-known Holocaust victims, you’ll find the interiors preserved as it was during World War 2 and will take you through the tragic history of Anne Frank.

3. Jordaan Neighborhood

One of the most popular neighborhoods you’ve known so far, is a residential area with many picturesque streets, garden courtyards, lively markets, and upscale boutiques and cafes that are worth a visit.

4. Vondelpark

vondelpark amsterdam

A garden that covers 120 acres and all you’ll find is ample paths and 70 different varieties of flowers, is ideal if you’re visiting with your family. The sculptures and statues, playgrounds, and an open theatre will take enough of your time to relax and chill.

5. Photography Museum

Photography Museum amsterdam

There are various photography museums to hop on if that’s something of your interest to. The Foam photography museum charges 12.50 features famous and new photographers and Huis Marseille, Museum For Photography that fees around €9 per person have rotating exhibitions.

6. The Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Introduce yourself to the architecture of ancient Rome, also called the Townhall consists of gorgeous ornamentation, marble sculptures, and friezes you’ll be stunned to see.

7. Westerkerk Church

Next to the Anne Frank Museum lies Western Church also known as Westerkerk, which is an 85-meter tower with gothic architecture inspiration was placed there in memory of Emperor Maximilian and is an epic experience.

8. World’s Oldest Botanical Gardens

Popularly known as Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam, was founded in 1638 that started as an herb garden for doctors, now introduces us to various exotic flowers and plants around the world.

9. The Amsterdam Museum

The museum is famous for prehistoric finds, old shooting galleries, graphics, and drawings that display the role of the ever-evolving city of Amsterdam in the world and it’s a contribution with numerous courtyards that showcase you the same.

10. Shopping at Kalverstraat and Vlooienmarkt

Any trip is incomplete without shopping for souvenirs and other memorable items. The given markets have everything that you need from smart boutiques, galleries, perfumeries, cafés, and restaurants, you name it, you have it.

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