New Delhi Budget Travel Guide & Tips 2022

New Delhi is known to be one of the most overwhelming cities in India. With most World Heritage sites like Red Fort, Qutub Minar, and Humayun’s Tomb, you’ll find the most religious places with the best nightlife, and street food!

This blog consists of a complete New Delhi Budget Travel guide, that you need to know about Delhi before you finally visit.

Which is the Best Time to Visit New Delhi

The best time to visit New Delhi is during Autumn and Winters since summers are hot and humid that you can barely walk in the streets! You’ll see most flowers blossom while the walks, drives, and sightseeing are much more fun.

However, if you visit in December and January, pack your winterwear as it gets chilly but also is real fun!

What to Do in New Delhi on a Budget Travel?  

Most of the tourist attractions in Delhi are connected through New Delhi Metro which is really cheap and convenient.

To say the least, New Delhi is divided into two, the Old Delhi has historical monuments and street shops while New Delhi has modern developments.

  1. Paharganj, Hauz Khas, and CP have the best drinks and you can party all night.
  2. Hear Qawali in Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah and listen to the mindful and soulful music.
  3. Spend a Sunday morning at Connaught Place.
  4. Explore cheap and amazing cafes near Delhi University.
  5. Visit Ghalib’s Haveli in Ballimaran where the poet used to write.
  6. Eat Langar at Bangla Sahib is one of the best experiences to have.
  7. Watch a play in the National School of Drama.
  8. Have an authentic meal at Majnu ka Tila as it has the best Tibetian cuisines to try.
  9. Experience the ghostly Sanjay Van and creepy sounds and atmosphere, so it’s not for weak-hearted for sure.
  10. Visit CR Park for Aunthetic Bengali cultural splash.

Public Transportation in New Delhi

Public Transportation in New Delhi is the cheapest of all cities in India. These are the public transportation in Delhi accessible for all:

Buses: There are DTC Buses that run throughout the day, these are always crowded, however, are the cheapest convenient of all. You’ll have to enquire before getting into buses as there are no route maps mentioned on the streets. More than 5000 DTC buses are running around Delhi NCR.

Metro: Metros are the most convenient of all. It allows all kinds of passengers with a full guarantee of safety as well. Connected to all major points and from there you can also hire an auto or rickshaw whatever suits. Metro cards start from Rs250 (approx $4).

Taxis: Great for longer tours if you’re planning to tour with your family. Taxi charges are comparatively higher but provide you with all privacy. These Balck and yellow ambassadors usually charge 15% more than auto-rickshaws is something you must be aware of.

Where Do I Stay in New Delhi on a Budget?    

Staying within the budget in the national capital of India is much more affordable than you imagine. There are many convenient locations in New Delhi for affordable stays:  

  • Connaught Place
  • Chandni Chowk 
  • Karol Bagh 
  • Paharganj 
  • Defense Colony 
  • Hauz Khas Village
  • Rajpath Marg 
  • Saket
  • Dwarka
  • Rajouri Garden

These places have the most affordable accommodations and a lot of places to visit nearby, while we recommend Hauz Khas, the best to hang out.

Best Cuisines: Where to Eat and Drink in New Delhi

There are some specific delicacies of different food joints that you must not miss out on. From northern dishes to the best of the east, there’s nothing New Delhi lacks with.

A trip to New Delhi is incomplete without tasting these delicacies. These include:

  • Parathas from Parathe wali Gali
  • Butter Chicken at Moti Mahal
  • Pav Bhaji at New Arjun Bombay Pav Bhaji
  • Pani Puri at Nathu Sweets
  • Sambhar, Idli and Masala Dosa at Saravana Bhawan, Connaught Place
  • Sweet Lassi at Bikaner Wala
  • Tea at Cha Bar
  • Jalebi at Delhi’s Old Famous Jalebi Wala
  • Shawarma at Al Zaitoon, Alaknanda
  • Tender Coconut Ice Cream at Natural
  • Chole Bhature at Chache Di Hatti, Kamla Nagar

Some of the innovative bars you must try are mentioned below:

  • Sidecar, GK 2
  • Cirrus 9, Oberoi Hotels
  • Diablo, Mehrauli
  • The Drunken Botanist, Cybercity
  • Town Hall, Khan Market
  • Comorin, Gurugram
  • Perch, Khan Market
  • Bo-Tai, Mehrauli

What Can You Do at Night in New Delhi?

New Delhi has got one of the best nightlife in India, whether you want to do sightseeing go clubbing, you’ve got it all. Sightseeing has mostly possible in Central or Old Delhi so while you choose accommodation, you can choose a nearby location. For a night out and clubbing, Hauz Khass, CP, and Gurugram (Sector 29) are known to have the best. 

These are some of the best things you do at night in Delhi:

  • Enjoy the beauty of Qutub Minar( UNESCO Worl Heritage Site) and India Gate, an iconic war memorial that is gorgeous for walks!
  • Attend the Light and Sound Show in Red Fort.
  • Visit Kingdom of Dreams in Gurugram.
  • Nightclubs like Kitty Su, Toy Room, Playboy Club, RSVP, House A, are must-visit.
  • Visit Music Locales Hippy music live shows and night sky gazing exploring the city in dark.

7 Fun Facts About New Delhi

Delhi is a vibrant city, and there’s a lot to know about it. With the most historic monuments that it has, you will be astonished to know:

  1. The Red Fort was originally White!
  2. Delhi has the biggest spice market called Khalo Baoli.
  3. Delhi Metro System is user-friendly for blind people.
  4. Delhi has the largest metro network.
  5. Connaught Place has the most expensive office space.
  6. The city of Delhi was initially planned by a British architect.
  7. Delhi is the second-most populous city in the world, Tokyo being the first.

How to Stay Safe in New Delhi? 

Delhi is considered too unsafe for women as there’s constant news for women getting sexually harassed. So as women tourists, whether it’s cab or public transports like Buses, you must travel high aware of their surroundings, especially at night.

These are the core points you need to remember:

  • Always opt for metro routes as they are the safest for solo travelers of all kinds.
  • While taking a Cab keep your GPS locations on and keep updating any locality.
  • Keep your pockets empty with valuables in your bag and be aware of pickpockets.
  • Choose Autos instead of Cabs for more safety. 

Here’s a women’s guide to traveling safely in Delhi which will help you be prepared.

What Should I Avoid in New Delhi?

Keep in mind the following things you must avoid in New Delhi:

  • Don’t ever trust a stranger with your valuables or anything in general.
  • Don’t get your hair beaded in Dilli Haat.
  • Skip research on metro rail timings and crowded moments.
  • Beware of Delly Belly as you might end up eating at the wrong places by overdoing it.
  • Skip Big Chill restaurants as it is the best of all.


What Is New Delhi Is Famous for?

National Capital of India, New Delhi is famous for its historic monuments and its World Heritage sites, the sightseeing and street foods are the best of all.

Is New Delhi Safe for Tourists?

Yes, it is. But travelers need to be aware of pickpockets and travel scams are at their peak. Many travelers call New Delhi a risky city to travel alone, however, there is enough to enjoy for all travelers. For women, it is better to choose metro routes than another public transportation system to avoid any sort of harassment.

Which Area in New Delhi Is Famous for Food?

Delhi’s street food is world-famous. Being the heart of the country there are enough cuisines to try. Hence, don’t skip on Old Delhi, Khan Market, Parathe Wali Gali, South Campus, Jama Masjid, Nizamuddin, Pandara Road, Lajpat Nagar for delicious food.

How Much Do You Need to Travel to New Delhi?

An average daily cost for one traveler is Rs 20k( $260) for a week with a daily cost of $30-$50, including accommodation, convenient transport, food, and sightseeing. However, if you’re planning a long vacation of a month, consider $1100 per person that includes everything.

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