12 Common Mistakes Made by Solo Female Travelers

We all yearn to travel solo and safely. Being a woman I understand how a little malfunction in the plan like a creepy local who sticks in, losing your documents, or wrong accommodations can ruin the trip altogether, and of course, we don’t want that. 

The best of the woman travelers have mentioned that traveling safe and solo can be a little daunting, as not every place is 100% but that doesn’t mean you quit the idea of doing it.

This is also a truth that are a few common mistakes made by solo female travelers that need to be pointed out.

Why Women Travel Solo?

Traveling solo has become one of the self-care expressions women are picking up to find themselves, bring a little direction to their life, feel free and celebrate independence, and explore the world from their point of view.

Even if Solo traveling for women is not one of the 100% safest situations, modernization has inspired a lot of women to take that first step of setting themselves free from any societal limitations inspiring the young and the olds.

Being a traveler myself, I’ve listed some of these precautions and preparations that have been much of my use and I’m sure will help you too.

Stick till the end so that you don’t miss out on the important notes!

List of 12 Mistakes Made by Solo Female Travelers

While you read the list below, I would also recommend you to read the “Best Destinations for Solo Travelers” to get a better idea of the locations.

  1. Not Trusting Locals
  2. Being Careless with your Day bag
  3. Not notifying on your plans
  4. Not getting an Insurance
  5. Not being assertive to unwanted attention
  6. Not prepared for an Emergency
  7. Wrong Accommodations
  8. Overpacking
  9. Too much scheduling
  10. Not trying Local Cuisines
  11. Having High Expectations
  12. Focusing only on making new friends

1.Not Trusting Locals

If your natural instinct is warm, it is likely for you to attract many locals, which is a great way to learn the language, culture, and cuisine.

There is something about the locals and their warmth that you’ll get to know the best from the locals and not any guide.

So feel free to do that whenever there’s an opportunity but being is equally important, keep that in mind.

2.Being Careless with your Day bag

While you’re traveling alone, one drawback could be that there’s no one to look at your belongings while you’re all wandering the streets of a new place.

Keeping a bag, a backpack or a crossbody with enough space helps to keep your stuff and accommodate new belongings if you end up buying.

Check out what sort of Travel Bags can be the best while taking trips solo and help yourself pick the right bag for your touristy moments.

3.Not notifying on your plans

It is always mandatory to keep someone from your friends and family notified of your itinerary. It helps you to be safe and in any worst situations where you lose your documents, phone, etc.

You can always notify and get any sort of help if required. Also, try keeping all your documents in both hard and soft copy so that it’s easy to get help.

4.Not getting an Insurance

Travel Insurance is one of the most important pointers nobody should miss. While moving solo, Travel Insurance can get you covered in times of emergency when things take a toll because lets are honest, there are times when you need a backup that covers every possible requirement and your trip is not sabotaged.

Check out the 10 Reasons to Get Travel Insurance for an International Trip to get a clear idea of things you might be missing out on.

5.Not being assertive to unwanted attention

While hanging out with locals, you might land up in a situation where you meet a few creeps. 

Yes, I said it and you heard it! While locals can be really warm and excited to know your story, if there’s anybody who is more clingy or getting personal in a way you don’t like, call out. 

This also means staying aware of the pickpockets and cons that are on your way.

6.Not Prepared for an Emergency

In a situation of emergency, not knowing what to do further can be stressful and can ruin your day.

The best way to save your day is by keeping the local emergency numbers handy that can help you at the last moment.

One of the best pieces of advice I have got so far referring to this domain is keeping the Translator App active on your phone.

7.Wrong Accommodations

Saving a few bucks while traveling is not bad but choosing the wrong or creepy locations for saving a penny as a solo female traveler, your main goal is to stay comfortable and SAFE.

Contact them beforehand, make sure of 24-hour security in the hotel.

Also, ensure that the room you book comes with a safe to store all your valuables. You can also consider hostels which can be super affordable and safe too.


It is always said that travel light. Simply pick the essentials and classics that are reusable and repeatable so that you don’t fall short of fashionable looks yet, with limited pieces.

This also keeps your chances of shopping from the destination a bit more as you’ll not need to spend extra on the luggage when you return.

This is how you can create the Ideal Travel Capsule Wardrobe to get started with a hassle-free trip with ample outfits that you want to wear.

9.Too much scheduling

Planning helps you to manage your days without missing out on things. But overplanning on scheduling time limits, putting a lot of activities on the same day might end up being more exhausting than you’ll foresee.

And of course, your body needs ample time to rest to start the other day right. 

This is also the time when locals ad guides are of help as they exactly know the distance and time and other dynamics that maybe you’d skip while planning.

It’s always a good idea to involve a local and get help while planning your day.

10.Not trying Local Cuisines

It’s a huge loss if you miss out on local cuisines. Of course, you would want to invest and eat from places that are well known and are safe and healthy, promoting local food and trying their delicacies would be a different experience altogether.

This also leads you to support their local businesses than the global ones, helping their economy.

11.Having high Expectations

Planning an Itinerary could be fun and it’s important to have your days planned. New places and experiences mostly tend to fill excitement within us which leads us to expect too many good things.

So even if you have things planned, know that anything can happen, hence be open and aware about it.

Be pleasant and address the little joys of the journey while managing and keeping in mind other possibilities.

12.Focusing only on Making New Friends

Remember that as women, traveling solo is also a version of self-care, self-love. That means the more time you spend time with yourself, you align yourself to your higher self that leads to self-improvements.

Sometimes these trips act as a brake and refreshment from your monotonous work life.

Depending only on making new friends a little too much reduces those self-talks that you need at that moment. Having that said, a little networking is always a good idea!


These are the two common mistakes made by a solo female traveler.

These smart tips can help you start your traveling journey easier and better as these are some of those pointers/mistakes women make when they’re starting.

These little travels end up adding a lot of value to your life and some might also end up taking up as a job, Travel Vlogging as you say.

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