Full Guide on How to Get a Visa for Bali, Indonesia 2023

Are you planning to have a Bali vacation but are confused about the whole Visa process? Halt! We got you! Traveling to Bali and other parts of Indonesia is fantastic, but if you intend to remain for a while, it’s crucial to know what kind of visa you need and your alternatives. 

Powerful waterfalls, tropical islands, volcanoes, and beautiful green rice paddies, and gorgeous resorts can all be found in Bali.

Before traveling to Bali, you must determine whether you require a visa and how to obtain one to have an unforgettable experience there.

However, before you get to the details of the trip, here’s everything you need to know about Bali Visas.

Types of Bali Visa: Which one do you need?

When organizing your vacation to Bali, it’s important to know which visa is best for you so that you can decide how long you want to remain. 

These are the three choices you have as Bali Visitors:

  1. Free Tourist Visa Bali
  2. Visa on Arrival in Bali
  3. Social and Business Visa

1. Free Tourist Visa to Bali (30 days)

For visitors to Indonesia on vacation for 30 days or less, the most popular type of visa is the “free tourist VISA.”

Since you don’t need to do anything before you get to the airport, this one is quite simple.

Simply proceed straight to passport control after landing in Bali so that your VOA and date are recorded in your passport.

The extension is only possible with a Visa on Arrival which will be mentioned below. Overstaying is punishable by IDR 1,000,000 per day (70 USD).

2. Visa on Arrival in Bali (60 days)

When arriving at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, buy an Indonesian Visa on Arrival (VOA) if your stay will be more than 30 days. The VOA accepts applications from 68 different nationalities.

In Indonesia, the VOA may be renewed for an additional 30 days after its initial 30-day validity period (60 days in total).

If you want to renew your trip, your VISA extension costs another $35 to go through this process, through an agent you might need to charge around 800,000 IDR or 54 USD for their services. 

Remember to begin the extension procedure before the expiration of your original 30 days because it typically takes a few days to complete.

This VISA is also a single entry and solely valid for travel and tourism-related activities.

3. Social and Business Visa (180 days)

With the social and business visa for Bali, Indonesia, you can visit Bali for up to 6 months without needing to renew your visa. This visa cannot be obtained without a sponsor, thus it is not intended for “vacation” travelers. 

Remember that you must apply for this visa from a country other than Indonesia. It also only allows for one admission and forbids employment.

Once more, I would highly recommend working with a respected agent if you were considering applying for this VISA. 

How to Get a Visa for Bali?

The free standard tourist visa for Indonesia, which includes Bali, is available to citizens of 68 different countries. If you don’t intend to stay for more than 30 days, there is no need to apply for a visa.

Check out the list of Visa Free for 169 Countries to Travel to Indonesia Click Here.

  • Own a passport that is at least six months old when you enter Bali.
  • Have a ticket for your return or for where you’re going next.
  • Enough money on hand to cover your stay’s costs.
  • When requesting a Visa on Arrival, keep cash on hand.
  • Fill out your arrival/immigration card.

Cost of a Bali Arrival Visa

You must apply for a Visa on Arrival at the airport if your stay will be longer than 30 days. Bali, Indonesia charges USD 35 for a visa on arrival. 

Things to remember while deciding on a VISA for ARRIVAL:

  • It is not recommended to change a Visa On Arrival into a Temporary Stay Visa.
  • Nationalities not mentioned above should apply for a visa at the Indonesian Mission closest to them before departing.
  • Passports must remain valid for at least six months after the date of initial arrival in Indonesia (Please note that a temporary passport, emergency travel document, or travel document issued by another nation can not be used to obtain a free short visit visa).
  • You possess a ticket for leaving Indonesian territory (Random check at the checkpoints of immigration)
  • Two blank passport pages are a must.

How to Apply for a 6-month Visa? (Social and Business Visa)

The service of organizing your online visa application is provided by visa agencies in Bali. You can look up these businesses online or by getting in touch with the hotel you intend to stay at while visiting Bali.

Bali Visa Sponsor

When you apply for a social or business visa, a visa agent will serve as your sponsor. Additionally, the agent will handle your application, assist you with the paperwork you need for your flight, and offer you on-arrival counseling to help you pass immigration and customs as quickly as possible.

Cost of Bali Visa Sponsor

The cost of a social visa through a visa agent ranges from 4 to 5 million IDR (about 270 to 345 USD), depending on the agent. The cost includes the sponsor letter and the four extensions required throughout the validity of your visa. 

Bali Visa Extension

If you want to stay in Bali for an additional 30 days, you must have a Visa Arrival, which must be obtained upon arrival. There are two ways to extend your visa in Bali, and the process takes ten days. 

You have two options:

  1. Handle it yourself
  2. Hire a visa agent

However, Handling it yourself will be a cheaper option and it will have no commissions and consulting fees.

Documents Needed for Bali Visa Extension 

These are the documents you need for Bali Visa Extension:

  1. You must pay 500.000 IDR on either your first or second visit.
  2. Fill out forms using a black ink pen.
  3. Your ID card.
  4. A photocopied passport.
  5. Your visa is in one copy.
  6. A copy of your airline ticket for departure.

Where to Submit These Bali Visa Documents?

These are immigration offices for you to consider:

  • Nusa Dua (South Bali) – Jl. Raya Taman Jimbaran No.1, Jimbaran, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali.
  • Singaraja – Jl. Seririt, Desa Pemaron, Singaraja, Pemaron, Kec. Buleleng, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali.
  • Denpasar – Jl. Panjaitan No.3, Sumerta Kelod, Kec. Denpasar Tim., Kota Denpasar, Bali.

How long does it take to get Visa Extension?

It may take 2 to 14 days to extend through a visa agent. Your choice of service will have a significant impact on this. It costs between 50 and 170 USD for this service. 

In my opinion, smaller visa service providers that are less well-known online are far less expensive. It costs 45 USD for a 7-day service, and we’ve done extensions this way twice. Asking people in Bali will help you locate these.

Can you stay more than 60 days with VOA?

You may want to try to obtain a “Social Visa” if you want to stay in Bali for more than 60 days or even if you consider making Bali your permanent residence.

This is a difficult process that calls for sponsorship from an Indonesian national, a school or institution, or a volunteer organization to spend a total of six months.

It gives you an initial 60-day period with the option to extend it four more times, for a total of 180 days (approx. 6 months).

A social visa must be obtained before traveling to an Indonesian embassy or consulate abroad. While residing in Indonesia, social visas cannot be obtained.

If you’re looking to explore Bali for a honeymoon, here’s a complete Bali travel guide for honeymooners you can look up to.

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