10 Ways to Plan Honeymoon on a Budget in 2022

After the hassle of planning the perfect wedding, the honeymoon trip should be a welcoming getaway for both of you. 

While it might seem a little stressful after thousands of dollars spent on your wedding, there are different ways to plan a Honeymoon on a budget which will be very handy.

If you’re not used to taking longer or bigger trips, you might just end up spending more.

How Much One Should Spend on a Honeymoon?

According to Forbes, an Average Couple spends around $4500 on a Budget-friendly honeymoon trip, 72% of American Couples pay the least for their weddings as it’s considered to be a traditional situation.

While there have been couples who also spend around $15k-$25k for luxury honeymoon trips as they’re once experience of a lifetime.

After the current situation of the world, trips in the budget are going to be a hot topic, and so is planning Honeymoon on a budget.

10 Ways to Plan a Honeymoon on a Budget

These are the various ways you can plan a budget-friendly Honeymoon trip without stressing a lot.

  1. Pick the type of trip
  2. Decide a location
  3. Budget the cost of location
  4. Exchange Rate
  5. Length of the trip
  6. Accommodation
  7. Discounts and Coupon Codes
  8. Book Early
  9. Open to Flexible Timings
  10. Cuisines/ Activities

1. Pick the Type of Trip

Talk to your partner before deciding on a type of trip. Consider the bucket lists of both and decide on a common set of locations like Tropical destinations, mountains or beaches, international or nearby, all of that should be taken into concern.

However, I suggest you also try for nearby honeymoon locations in the US that I have listed, check it out for budget-friendly yet adventurous honeymoon locations where you can have fun.

2. Consider Your Wedding Gifts

You might have received gift cards, cash other than the regular wedding gifts. Add these cash and gift cards and use them wisely for your honeymoon expenses rather than using your personal finance.

In addition, you can also save a little that will only be dedicated to your honeymoon and that’s meant for both of you.

3. Budget the Cost of Location

Research on the travel expenses, itinerary, food, accommodation and make a list of the crucial expenses to get knowledge of an anticipated expenditure while saving a bit more for the additional costs. Consider other wedding gifts which are not cash or coupons rather shopping for new clothes etc.

Make sure that both the partners are on the same page when it comes to budgeting. You don’t want one of you to spend more that\n the other.

4. Exchange Rate

Look out for locations that are cheaper than US Dollars. This will make your every buck worth a while without compromising on your adventures and experiences.

Countries like Bali, India, Thailand, and Mauritius are a few places that can be visited for fun and adventure on a budget.

5. Length of the Trip

The length of the trip is extremely important to consider while planning a budget trip.

The average Honeymoon duration lasts for 9-15 days including travel, you can go on a longer period of time if you’ve planned to visit nearby locations where you’ll save international flights.

For an International trip, a 3 week trip or a month would be more than enough to consider various locations for adventure and a little romance only if you’re traveling too much cheaper places like India and Bali.

6. Accommodation

For accommodations, always consider mid-ranged resorts and hotels that are decent but budget-friendly.

If your trip includes multiple locations, a “high-low” approach to travel will help you stay balanced with the accommodation expenses.

If you’re planning an adventure trip, you can also consider being Paying Guests and staying with Localities.

7. Discounts and Coupon Codes

While booking, keep a track of discounts and coupon codes that different websites provide. Use maximum coupons so that you get benefitted through these deals. You can also consider festive seasons to book for the trip. 

Make my trip, Tripoto, Trivago offers various discounts on packaged Honeymoon trips that can be budget-friendly too.

8. Book Early

If you’re a constant traveler you would know that booking your flights and accommodations beforehand get you a much better deal than booking at the last moment as the rates are much higher when booked in the end.

You can also contact a Travel Agent who can consult you with the best trip advice in the budget you want.

9. Open to Flexible Timings

There is no set that your Honeymoon should be during a specific time.

Considering there is no time boundation and the budget have to be kept in mind, you can decide to wait, save a bit both of you and give ample time to each other planning a trip like that.

If you are aware that the deals and discounts are applied during a specific time, choose following that time schedule for your honeymoon trip.

10. Cuisines/ Activities

Trying local cuisines can save a lot more than you’ll expect. If that’s not the case, consider starting your day with a proper heavy meal that can run through the day and keep yourself hydrated so that you’re full.

For activities, you can also look for combined packages, ask the travel agent so that you get a customized price list for the adventures you take part in, also with discounts.

Creating a Honeymoon Budget

A Spending Plan always works out while creating a Honeymoon Budget and working on the exact figures will help you keep a track of all your expenditures.

These are a few ways you can do this:

  • Make every dollar worth it and make a list of the necessary expenditures so that you’ll know one expenditure that is not worth it or are additional.
  • Your budget should be a little flexible for additional expenses that come up at the last moment.
  • Creating a Honeyfund where both you can save a specific amount before leaving for your trip will keep a balance of both expenses.

These are steps for you to read before you plan and save a little in your Honeymoon trip in Budget, so check them out if you wish to.

Bonus Tip:

I’d also suggest exploring the trips where touring around the city is possible for free.

You can just get those travel passes which help you with free bus trips to major attractions and a little exploration of public transport is not a bad idea too.


These are a few ways you can save more and plan your Honeymoon on a budget while experiencing the best.

You might end up making a lot of travel purchases so it will be ideal to get a Travel Rewards Credit Card that will be of so much use.

You can use these rewards to pay for flights, room accommodations, and other things that suit you.

Thank me later!

You can use the Beginners’ guide to earn points and get the cheapest deals on your much-awaited honeymoon trip in the budget you like.

Hope that you have a great honeymoon trip and these hacks help you!

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