Havana Budget Travel Guide 2022

The enchanting city of Havana has a compelling history, is culturally rich, and has a diverse architecture that keeps the tourists hooked for the longest time, hence they keep visiting the gorgeous location again and again. 

Being one of the popular tourist spots in Cuba and home to a 2 million population that boasts of the best travel experience of a lifetime.

CCN Travels has known to write the best budget guides for solo and couple travelers, so stay tuned to this Havana travel guide will help you clear all your doubts with tips to stay within budget every time you require. 

The Best Time to Visit the Havana 

The Best Time to visit Havana is December to February. The winters in Cuba are dry and the temperature ranges between 75 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a pleasant situation to explore. 

Havana has two seasons, wet and dry while the dry season in winters is ideal, the wet season is also called the hurricane season as the precipitation is very.

If you want to explore the colorful face of Havana, visit August during Carnival as it’s the best, International Workers’ Day at Revolution Square in Havana in May which are must-have. 

Jan78.4 ℉
Feb 79.2 ℉
Mar 81.7 ℉
April83.5 ℉
May85.6 ℉
June 86.9 ℉
July88.3 ℉
Aug 88.9 ℉
Sept 87.8 ℉
Oct 84.6 ℉
Nov 81.9 ℉
Dec 79.7 ℉

What to Do in Havana on a Budget Travel

There are various things you can do in Havana on a Budget, these are the best options you can try:

  • Walk on the seaside to the street at Malcon Street and explore the Old Town.
  • Central Havana has the National Capital Building, decaying buildings, and the natural aesthetics of leaves and seats give you a vibe you’ll love. 
  • Visit the Revolution Museum, housed in the former Palacio Presidential, it details the Cuban Revolution with Spanish aesthetics.
  • Plaza de la Revolucion has, a 109-meter-tall, star-shaped tower with a marble Jose Marti statue, the whole place has a natural vibe.
  • Necropolis Cristobal Colon is more of the cemetery in Cuba, made of granite, marble, and tombstones, home to millions of bodies is worth visiting.
  • Walk Cuban neighborhood backstreets, playing and listening to music, is a great atmosphere. 

Public Transportation in Havana

Public Transportation in Havana

Public Transporation in Havana includes MetroBus, Taxis, Coco Taxis, Classic Cars, and Bicitaxi, which run in the streets. The public transport prices start from US$0.05 for buses.

1. Coco Taxi

Coco Taxi is a rickshaw with two seats in form of an egg. The Coco Taxi is yellow in color and runs at the rate of around 1 CUC. Learn more about CocoTaxis here.

2. Metro Bus

Metro buses or Guaguas are a little crowded but are available at all times, are the most efficient way of range between 40 cents and 1 CUC. Beware of the pickpockets on the bus.

3. Vintage Cars

Mostly El almendrón or maquina, the vintage classic cars, cars of the era of fifties and sixties, you get these cars rented, prices start from 10 Pesos depending on the distance.

4. Bicitaxi

Bicitaxi is a popular form of local transport that comes from a special period when it was all about pedal power that used less fuel. A short ride costs around 1-3CUC per ride.

5. Lada

A cheaper Yellow Taxi that looks vintage Habana Vieja to Vedado. These Soviet-era Lada taxi cab drive charges start from $3 per ride.

Where Do I Stay in Havana on a Budget

Where Do I Stay in Havana on a Budget

There are a few cool places for accommodation in Havana. The best locations include Plaza Vieja/Catedral, Prado, La Rampa, El Vedado, and Nuevo Vedado, as they provide a heterogeneous mosaic of Havana, you’ll get the best accommodations at the best prices.

What Can You Do at Night in Havana

What Can You Do at Night in Havana 

There are various things you can do in Havana at Night as the sun sets there’s so much to explore. Some of these include:

  1. Join the locals for an 8 km long seafront promenade that gives you the best of sunsets.
  2. Get yourself a cocktail and enjoy the evenings under open rooftops.
  3. Take up a live musical or theatre show and enjoy the evening in a Cuban style.
  4. Rent a classic car and drive across the Cuban capital, Havana.
  5. Eat at Paladar (paladares in the plural), is an authentic Cuban cuisine, a must-try.
  6. Stalk the American novelist, Ernest Hemingway who was a big fan of Havana, visit La Bodeguita del Medio and La Floridita, where he collapsed at night at the Hotel Ambos Mundos.
  7. Take a walk at the 8km seawall of Havana which starts from La Habana (Old Havana), and runs past Centro Habana into Vedado with a $1 Pizza to fill your stomach.
  8. Watch Havana’s La Cabaña (fort) show that gives you an entry of $4 per person.

Daily costs in Havana

The daily cost of Havana costs around for a single person:

Hotel$35 – $48
Hostel$6 – $13
Public Transport$5 – $16
Entertainment$9.71- $14.65
Beer$5.08 – $7.89
Bottled Water$2.20 – $5.30
Pizza$0.55 – $1.13
Food$6.12 – $9.04

For couples, an estimated expenditure is expected to be $806.86 for a week, and $1613.72 for 15 days including accommodations, food, transportation, and sightseeing. 

Havana Budget Travel Guide & Money-Saving Tips 

These are some Money Saving Tips that will help you from spending extra:

  • Visiting off the seasons helps to save a lot but make sure of the weather, and be updated on the weather forecasts.
  • Exchange some of your CUCs to MN (moneda nacional).
  • Fly from Mexico or out of other cities other than Havana, not the USA will save you extra bucks.
  • Look out for Hostels if you’re traveling solo. Check for hostel Mango for the best deals.
  • Use Airbnbs for the least expensive casa particulares.
  • Do not take $US to Cuba.
  • Depending on your budget minimize your overland trips.
  • Eat from Locat cafes where they use MN as currency.

How to Stay Safe in Havana

These are the ways you can stay safe in Havana:

  • Stay in a group after sunset and keep your belongings within your eye range.
  • Be mindful of pickpockets.
  • Cuba’s medical services are excellent but getting the right drugs on the spot is a matter of concern, try not to fall ill!
  • Get your travel Insurance beforehand in case of an emergency.
  • Sketchy areas in Havana can be dangerous at night so avoid visiting any such place.

What Should I Avoid in Havana?

These points are the ones to avoid in Havana:

  • Don’t talk openly about Politics.
  • Don’t work on a tourist visa.
  • Don’t get confused by the two currencies and make it obvious to the vendors.
  • Don’t expect to find creature comforts.
  • Avoid staying in the orange casa particulares.

How Much Does a Havana Tourist Visa Cost?

Havana Tourist costs range from $20 to $75, addition add the cost of you going to a Cuban diplomatic mission. With a standard processing time of 3-5 business days, $110 is the cheapest of all. 

Apply for your Havana Tourist Visa now.

Travel Costs for a Trip to Havana?

A trip to Havana will cost ₱1,383 ($52) per day single person, ₱1,383 ($52) per day, and ₱399 ($15) for local transportation. One week’s expenditure adds ₱9,681 and ₱41,488 for a month.

What Are the Best Airlines to Fly to Havana?

Some of the Best Airlines to fly to Havana includes Air France, Aeroflot, United Airlines, Air Canada, and Turkish Airlines.

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