7 Common Mistakes People Make While Booking Flight Tickets

With more and more people choosing to travel by flight, it’s obvious to skip on some crucial parts while taking trips. This blog covers the most common mistakes people make while booking flight tickets so tune yourself till the end!

In a Survey by Skyscanner, it was mentioned that 50% of participants confessed that choose the wrong travel dates to the extent that they also end up choosing the wrong destination due to confusion.

Be extra careful with the airport codes as they are considered to be tricky.

If you find such problems, these are a few solutions for a safer and cheaper trip. While traveling to new places, you might end up being the prey of scammers, note these tips to avoid travel scams.

Common Mistakes People Make While Booking Flight Tickets

These are the tips regular travelers follow to avoid traveling mistakes that end up spending cash.

  • Booking From Airline Website
  • Wrong Date
  • Insufficient baggage allowance
  • Not Utilising Credit Cards And Debit Cards properly
  • Choosing wrong airports
  • Traveling on Weekends
  • Not Using Incognito Mode

1. Booking From Airline Website

Initially, there was a lot of buzz that buying tickets from airline websites would be authentic. Of course, that’s right but third-party websites are their own, they provide some of the cheapest flight deals that will help you save extra and they will be authentic!

If not, please consider comparing various websites before you buy tickets.

2. Wrong Date

Most of the websites set the current date as the default date. When you start the booking process you might choose the correct traveling date but when you shuffle back and forth to edit the details, the dates tend to go back to the current date.

When you go to the payment page reconfirming, chances are that you’ve selected the wrong date.

3. Insufficient baggage allowance

Different airlines company offer different limits to baggage allowance. International baggage allows you 30 kgs but while traveling domestic 15 kgs of check-in luggage, which is something to be taken care of because you pay extra if the baggage exceeds.

While packing your favorite coats and fancy boots, remember that might cost you extra!

4. Not Utilising Credit Cards And Debit Cards properly

If you choose to use credit cards and debit cards comfortably, make full use of them. These cards come with provided benefits that one misses out on when getting those cards.

These benefits include an offer to redeem points and go up to Airport lounge access and that is insane! Don’t forget to reconsider this before you proceed with payments.

5. Choosing the wrong airports

With more places to travel around the world, there lie more airports that end up confusing for first-time travelers.

Also since we feel the commercial airports are more authentic, we choose the busiest ones! Such airports are expensive due to their commercialization, hence we pay more.

6. Traveling on Weekends

Yes, traveling on weekends can be added as a mistake as there is more crowd due to holidays and more people plan trips on weekends raising the airfares.

Trying other days for booking flights like Tuesday and Thursday will save you bucks and if possible plan your trips on weekdays and see the shift in airfares.

7. Not Using Incognito Mode

The cost of prices is shown higher when you browse from your personal browser, hence it is ideal to use Incognito Mode and see the fares dropping!

It mostly depends on your search history so keep in mind comparing prices and then decide.


These are some common mistakes people make during booking flights. Most of these mistakes are also the result of last-minute plans and bookings done in a hurry as we miss out on travel details.

So make sure you take the time to decide first and then book flights.

Reaching late in airports is another big deal and you also need to make sure of connecting flights which minimum needs 90 minutes for the baggage to get transferred.

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