13 Tips on Budget Traveling for Couples in 2022

Budget traveling can get a little tricky when planned for couples. This becomes the primary reason why most travel plans get canceled.

Even if you’re planning to surprise your partner with a trip, you might be stuck with managing expenses, hence these tips on budget traveling for couples are what you need at the moment!

Budget traveling as couples is an art. There’s a proverb that “Couples who travel together stay together“.

There are various reasons behind this quote and I’ll tell you why. 

In a survey of 1000 couples, it was noted that 63% of people responded positively to the fact that it changes their perceived relationships and brings them closer. 

These are a few reasons why you should travel with your partner:

  • There’s a common purpose for both of you.
  • Better understanding and communication.
  • Experiencing something new is so exciting.
  • They live the moment, knowing more about each other.
  • Become best friends, get educated together, and romance is built.

If you’re looking for various locations to travel around the world, I’ve listed some of my top recommended Best Destinations in the World, check it out as it covers the problem of your budget.

Having that said, let’s dive into the tips on Budget Traveling for Couples so that you now can plan your trip with your special one.

13 Tips on Budget Traveling for Couples

Here’s an evaluated list of tips and tricks that will help you ease your travel and help you with money management as well.

Let’s go!

  1. Plan the destination
  2. Save as a Couple
  3. Accommodation
  4. Transportation
  5. Food & Drink
  6. A little compromise
  7. Combined Packages
  8. Souvenirs
  9. Pack Light & Share
  10. Rent a Car
  11. Focus on the destination and each other
  12. Don’t drink
  13. Cook Meals

1. Plan The Destination

Planning a destination is one of those steps taken in the initial that takes the maximum time. Decide locations that have been on a bucket list for both of you.

There will be additional money calculations as two of you will be involved. 

Research the destinations together, accommodations, extra entertainment, food, and travel expenses, and make a budget for core expenses.

2. Save as a Couple

When two of you are traveling together, it is ideal to first keep the expenses clear and start saving as a couple as you don’t want to burden one person with all expenses.

Try saving more and stop spending your money on unnecessary products that might hamper your trip as you need to keep the most for your trip, so it ends up being memorable.

3. Accommodation

Accommodation covers a lot amount of your expenses other than the flights/trains that you choose.

Although hostels could be a lot of budget-friendly options for couples you’d want some privacy which AirBnbs fits in perfectly. 

Make sure of your safety as you two will be in an unknown location, you’ll find many budget-friendly Airbnb for that matter.

4. Transportation

Have you planned the modes of travel? Are you deciding on public transportation or private ones? While reaching a new location, depending on the destination you’ll determine if it’s flights or trains which is a constant expenditure. 

What next-best you can do to save a little more is to get public transportation passes as there are various locations you can travel free with it.

5. Food & Drink

Trying local cuisines in a new location is one of the best ideas to save a few bucks and explore the culture you’re in.

You can also look for being paying guests to a family where you can involve a little more in the new place you’re in, always follows a little budget so yay!

6. A little Compromise

Although you’re there with your partner to enjoy every bit and every moment. Don’t back out to compromise a little if you feel you’re going extra or out of budget.

One of the best ideas also can be choosing locations that are a little less popular that will anyway reduce a lot of expenses which touristy locations demand due to its popularity.

7. Combined Packages

You can also look for combined packages that include food, lodging, and transportation, a set of locations that you choose to visit, and discounts running in different situations.

When you’re new to a place where you know nothing, it sometimes ends up in spending extra which is saved by such packages.

8. Souvenirs

This trip is meant for living the best and creating memories with your partner.

While yes, spending more could be a reason to stress, don’t miss out on picking Souvenirs that will remind you two of the memorable trip you’ve experienced together.

Here are a few Romantic Souvenirs Ideas that will help you pick stuff for you and your partner and keep these memories alive for the longest time.

9. Pack Light & Share

Flights charge an additional fee for carrying extra luggage which is, in my opinion, an unwanted expense you should highly avoid.

To do that, pack the lightest. Carry essentials for both of you and if possible, share your luggage bags so that they’re less in number. 

You don’t want to travel with loads of baggage while you travel to a new destination. It should be all fun and frolic and with no hassles!

10. Rent a Car

Okay, this one totally depends on your location. But here’s something I need to advise. If you guys are traveling together for the first time, consider choosing a location nearby, the drive can be an accessible option to choose.

Rent a car, drive down to the nearby location, and spend time with your partner without any stress.

11. Focus on the Destination and Each Other

This is the first time you guys are traveling together so it must be a memorable one. Spend time with each other, know the quirks, and get educated about the place together.

Traveling with the love of your life helps you to know each other better and brings you closer.

12. Don’t Drink

When you travel solo you meet new people hence drinking and having fun with newly formed buddies is a little obvious.

When you’re traveling with your partner, focus more on traveling to the destination and exploring rather than spending much on alcohol.

13. Cook Meals

Of course, trying local cuisines is the best way to explore food and culture on a budget. You can also cook meals and get a little budget meal from the nearest supermarkets will you a little extra!

Even if you’re going out to eat, order the amount you’d actually eat than ordering a bunch and wasting it!

These are some of the actual steps you need to take as a couple:

  • First of all, you guys should be better communicators. It’s always better to know each others’ drawbacks and desires and how they’re looking at this trip.
  • It’s always good to split to not burden the other one with all expenses. It also depicts that you care for each other and that helps you bond well.
  • Come up with a travel budget for both of you and calculate the expenditure per person but yes, keep a little extra handy for emergency situations.

Money Management can be a matter of concern. Flights and accommodation can be a little stressful even if you are in this together.

It sometimes forces you to challenge the points you won’t otherwise say yes to. But that’s okay too.

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