Best Budget Travel Tips for Student Traveling in 2023

If you assume traveling could be an expensive situation as a student, here are the 9 Budget Travel Tips for Student Travelers that will help you cover!

Being a college student this is the best time to start exploring yourself as traveling does give you the opportunity to learn about yourself.

While you’d prefer traveling with friends and having fun, solo traveling also helps you to find yourself and know your calling.

The best reason is that now you have time to visit a few places in the budget before you land a desk job, also some of you might end up realizing the passion for traveling and pursue that in the future.

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There are various other benefits of traveling as a student:

  • Makes you compassionate.
  • Boosts your confidence.
  • Helps you network with more people.
  • You get different stories and build perspective.
  • You make new friends, and there’s more Growth and Independence.

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9 Budget Travel Tips for Student Travelers

Here’s what you need to keep in mind that will help you deal with the little drawbacks that you have when you’re traveling as a student.

  • Select the destination carefully
  • Invest time in planning
  • Cheaper Hotels and Hostels
  • Alternative Transport Options
  • Volunteer
  • Look for Deals and Discounts
  • Travel in Groups
  • Save a lot, Budgeting
  • Backpacking

Let’s dive right in!

1. Select the destination carefully

More than planning for a location, choosing the destination smartly must involve more time so that you don’t end up choosing locations that are hard on your budget.

A $100 might cost you nothing in the United States with would do a lot if you plan a South Asian Trip.

Take consideration of transportation, travel flights if you’re traveling abroad, accommodations, food, and sightseeing, all calculated.

Places like San Diego, Houston, and Pittsburgh can be a few cheapest places amongst other Cheapest Places for Students to try.

2. Invest time in Planning.

You might have heard of the quotation ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’.

Planning is most crucial. It also includes checking on flight tickets which will be a hell of expensive if you don’t plan early. Most young travelers miss out on fluctuating airfares which get higher, the later you are.

Tools like Skyscanner, help you with price charges alerts so that you can book accordingly, so it helps you get the best deals when it comes to getting international flights.

3. Cheaper Hotels and Hostels

Look for affordable hotels to stay the night. If hotels seem like a crazy deal, hostels and homestays could be a great idea that will save a little on food as well, also Airbnbs have a good reputation for clean rooms and comfortable stays so opting for one could be a great option.

Make sure you check box a few things that include safety, cleanliness, service, availability of transport, etc as a student traveler, to consider these services in a budget.

4. Alternative Transport Options

Of course, flights are the first options to travel but because flights can get expensive, you can also look for alternative options like public transportation and passes to travel the city instead of picking taxis as they are expensive too.

You can also try bike rides and road trips if you’re traveling to nearby cities. Visiting multiple cities can also lead you to cheaper rates if you travel by bus and shared rides.

5. Volunteer

If accommodation seems like an issue when it comes to your budget, volunteering abroad can be a great idea.

This way, you actually get to travel for FREE! Look for a homestay, or be a guest to a locality, and try homemade local cuisine, which actually will help you save a lot more than you can imagine!

6. Look for Deals and Discounts

Well as a student, you can actually make use of student travel discounts. Student cards can actually help you get discounts in more than 1,25,000 cities!

You will find sales that get you discounts up to $99, a whopping 35 percent discount on Eurail, yes, student passes are that much of use!

All you need to do is apply for a student card from your university!

7. Travel in Groups

Traveling in a group does do benefits, firsts it helps your transportation and accommodation expenses cheaper, and second, you get company to have fun with your buddies. Remember, Friends who travel together, stay together!

Else, you can also look for packages that travel with a group of solo travelers that visit different locations, this way you’ll also be able to gain more experiences and networking will get better and how!

8. Save a lot, Budgeting

Discipline and budgeting will make any trip easier. While planning out your trip, research well on the major expenses and try to stick to it while you’re on it.

Also, try to have a backup but only use it in emergency situations. There might be temptations of spending more, and shopping more but keeping strict rules and discipline will help you better.

9. Backpacking

Backpacking makes your travel trip much easier than carrying multiple bags, trolleys, etc. Packing more clothes than you actually need is another form of spending more than you need, which can be saved with extra, also you might be charged extra with cash due to more baggage.

Hence backpacking makes you travel lighter and the trip becomes easy.

As it is said that there is no best age to backpack, starting out early will help you understand the process of traveling better with enough life experiences that you’ll boast of.


Traveling around the world is every individual’s dream and to be able to pursue it at an early age is one heck of an experience that will help you learn a lot, the best is the experience that you get!

So individually or not, one must consider taking one such trip while being a student and experience life in a much more adventurous way.

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