10 Biggest Packing Mistakes to Avoid for Every Traveler

Vacations can be fun but it comes with two major tasks, planning the trip and packing right. An experienced traveler after a few trips that there are certain packing rules that make the trip easy and hassle-free.

The way you pack determines how your trip is going to hence make one of the crucial steps to crack. In this blog, we’ll talk about the biggest packing mistakes to avoid for any traveler.

However, various travelers make mistakes while booking flights, check out these Common Mistakes People Make While Booking Flight Tickets, so do have a look at it after this one.

Having that said, let’s dive in!

10 Biggest Packing Mistakes to Avoid for every traveler

  • Not following a list
  • Packing too many shoes
  • Packing all your medication bottles
  • Folding Clothes
  • Overpacking
  • Missing out on a Laundry bag
  • Packing at the Last Minute
  • Failing to check restrictions and guidelines
  • Sim Cards ahead of time
  • Not dressing for the destination

1. Not following a list

Making a list of things to add and things to skip comes as one of the most crucial points that most of us miss out on.

Co-founder of The Vacationer, Phil Dengler mentions the importance of making a to-do list as it helps you to stay organized and also makes sure you don’t miss out on any essentials.

Take ample time to write down that to-do list and remove unwanted extra items. Try to keep it as minimal as possible so that you don’t miss anything.

2. Packing too many shoes

Shoes play a crucial role of course, but you don’t need to add a lot of shoes that go with different outfits.

Instead, pack 2, one which is functional enough for the kind of trip and one fancy!

Also if these shoes are packed in a neutral color like Black, White, Charcoal or Beige work best with every outfit so you can consider these colors while packing shoes.

3. Packing all your medication bottles

It is important to pack medications. New locations always bring motion sickness, jet lagging, and a lot of throat issues so it is preferred to carry the ones that you need.

However, Don’t pack every single medication or supplement bottle, pick small plastic containers to fill these medicines and label them to avoid any confusion.

4. Folding Clothes

Seasoned travelers mention their caution against folding their clothes while packing. But they do not intend to say that you keep your clothes haphazardly but instead roll them as they get wrinkle-free and you can add more stuff without adding extra bags, how cool!

5. Overpacking

Every traveler has till now mentioned how overpacking has only caused them trouble. If you think of some outfits you only want to take because “what if” you’d wear them, chances are that you won’t, so only pick the ones that you’re confident and sure of.

Also, keep in mind to create multiple outfits from the same clothes so that you don’t overpack.

6. Missing out a Laundry bag

Keep two laundry bags, say the professional travelers. It’s ideal to keep your dirty clothes separately in your suitcase as chances are that you won’t be able to wash the used clothes and you want to ruin the washed clothes by missing them together.

In fact, simple fresh trash bags will also do the job so don’t stress about it but do carry them.

7. Packing at the Last Minute

You tend to miss out on a lot of things while you pack last minute, so take ample time in making a to-do list and then packing it accordingly.

You overpack or under-pack in a hurry as your focus is totally on stuffing things rather than executing the to-do list.

8. Failing to check restrictions and guidelines

Although methods like rolling clothes instead of folding them make a lot of space to add more things don’t mean you need to add more.

Once you’ve packed everything make sure that you check the restrictions and guidelines and that follow all of them, and also confirm the weight of your luggage if you don’t wish to pay extra! “Only pack what you need!”

9. Sim Cards ahead of time

Travelers often mention that it is ideal to buy international sim cards, which is true but don’t buy them too ahead of time.

If you buy one card at the airport, you will get it much cheaper making sure that your phone is unlocked by your local carrier before you go, and you can use a third-party sim easily.

10. Not dressing for the destination

Dressing for the occasion is crucial. While planning your to-do list make sure to keep in mind the activities you will involve yourself in so that you plan accessories, outfits, gadgets, and shoes (keep in mind the extra like medication, toiletries, skincare). Pick loose fitted, clothes and the fabric of the cloth makes a huge role so be mindful of that.

Do’s & Don’ts of Packing

  • Be efficient while packing.
  • Don’t bring a bunch of makeup.
  • Do bring a purse and/or backpack (not both).
  • Extra supply of underwear.
  • Don’t bring extra valuables like jewelry (gold, etc).
  • Don’t carry Camera film.
  • Confidential papers.
  • Car and house keys.

What should you not forget when packing for a trip?

Make sure that you don’t miss out on travel documents and personal ID, everything else can wait. Chargers and data cables are the next extra crucial things that you should keep first. Keep a few packets of snacks for a longer span!

Is it better to roll or fold clothes in a suitcase?

It’s ideal to roll clothes in a suitcase rather than folding them as it make s ore space to stuff your essentials. They also keep your outfits wrinkle-free!

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