Best Things to Do in South Africa in 2023

Beautiful beaches, award-winning wines, breathtaking scenery, fantastic wildlife, and vibrant, international cities are just a few of South Africa’s many drawcards. The more you visit the country, the more you’ll want to revisit. This place has a profoundly unique quality.

With a length of 2,800 km (1,700 km) and a population of more than 59 million, you could easily spend months here and still not see all. Heck, it takes several days just to drive across the country.

The intriguing and unexpected influences of South Africa‘s ethnic and cultural diversity may be seen in both its cuisine and art. Its landscape is breathtaking, ranging from tropical forests and wave-lashed shorelines to wildflower-covered deserts and bushveld. 

This blog consists of a list of the Best Things to Do in South Africa that we compiled for you.

You may go hiking, surfing, kayaking, fishing, whale watching, riding horses, scuba diving alongside crocodiles and sharks, and stargazing beneath some of the planet’s darkest sky. 

Best Things to Do in South Africa for Adventure to Make Your Trip Memorable:

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1. Travel the Wild Coast

Between Port Edward in the north and Morgan’s Bay in the south is the Wild Coast, which is immediately recognizable as wild due to its numerous deep ravines, cliff faces, and waterfalls. However, technically speaking, the coast was given its name after a group of offshore reefs and rocks that have historically presented a serious threat to shipping.

2. Embrace Indian culture in South Africa

The busiest port in Africa is located in Durban, which also has a sizable Indian population, vibrant Hindu temples, lively markets, and spicy curries. After Portuguese navigator, Vasco da Gama landed there on Christmas Day 1497 and gave it the name Terra do Natal, the location of Durban was one of the first regions of South Africa to show up on European maps. 

Durban is notable for having a sizable Indian population of around one million, of which 70% identify as Hindu, 20% as Muslim, and the remaining population is primarily Christian.

3. See the vernacular architecture of South African houses

The Maloti Route, which runs along the eastern Free State, is distinguished by its exquisitely decorated Basotho cottages. The ancient Zulu beehive hut made of finely woven grass no longer exists in KwaZulu-Natal’s rural districts. A nearly related style that consists of a low wattle-and-daub cylinder with a dome-like beehive roof can still be found in isolated areas. 

However, the cone-on-cylinder style, frequently constructed with contemporary materials, or rectangular homes with Western influences are the most prevalent today.

4. See white rhinos in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park

Hluhluwe (pronounced shloo-shloo-ee) and iMfolozi (formerly Umfolozi) were first declared as separate entities in 1897, making them the second-oldest game reserves in Africa after Phongolo. However, they are now connected by a corridor of state-owned land to create a combined area of roughly 1,000 sq km (390 sq miles).

On this amazing excursion from Durban, go on a safari for a full day in the enchanted Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park. Elephants, lions, rhinos, and other wonderful species can be seen in their natural habitat. Or take in the stunning vistas of the reserve from the top of a hill.

5. Hike in the Drakensberg

The sequence of jagged cliffs and high peaks that rise from the KwaZulu-Natal midlands to extend for 200km (120 miles) along the eastern border with Lesotho is almost certainly the most famous portion of “The Berg” when South Africans discuss it. It is known as uKhahlamba, or “The Barrier of Spears,” by the Zulu people who reside in the shadow of this insurmountable chain of peaks.

6. Addo Elephant National Park

The main draw here is the elephants, which can be seen up close. However, the park is also home to large populations of rhinoceros, buffalo, kudu, jackals, ground squirrels, and endemic birds like the colorful bokmakierie and handsome jackal buzzard.

7. Take a trip around the Cape Point

One of the most stunning coastlines on the continent can be found on the rocky promontory south of Cape Town. Cape Town is located at the northern tip of the magnificent Cape Peninsula, a 60 km (36 mi) long sliver of rugged land that extends southward from the city to Cape Point. The Cape Peninsula is bordered by the wild open Atlantic Ocean to the west and the calmer, milder waters of False Bay to the east.

8. Be amazed by the variety of traditional arts and crafts

The oldest artistic heritage of the human race, according to some, is found in southern African art, which has roots in prehistory. Up to the second half of the 19th century, San rock art was developing. The Drakensberg and its extension from the Eastern Cape to Lesotho and Swaziland, as well as the mountains of Limpopo Province, are the principal locations for the paintings and engravings created by the San people.

9. Travel through the Sani Pass

Another breathtakingly beautiful section of the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg, south of Giant’s Castle, is protected by the Kamberg Nature Reserve and is popular for trekking and trout fishing. The innovative Rock Art Centre in Kamberg also offers a guided tour of the Game Pass Shelter in addition to an interesting DVD presentation on rock art interpretation.

10. Cross the bridge over the Storms River Mouth

The most beautiful shoreline along the Garden Route, accessible by a footbridge over Storms River Mouth. A suitable starting point for swimming, snorkeling, and trekking is the well-maintained Storms River Rest Camp, which is located within the national park 1.5 km (mile) west of the river mouth. It provides chalet accommodations and campsites.

11. Learn About Apartheid

A trip to South Africa is not complete without knowing about the dreadful apartheid (an institutionalized racial segregation system) that ruled the nation from the 1940s to the 1990s. The Johannesburg Apartheid Museum, which was established in 2001, does a great job of illuminating the background and consequences of apartheid. The entrance fee is 150 ZAR.

We’ve also compiled the best places to visit in Africa to make your trip worth a while! While you’re at it, you should also keep in mind the safety tips when you visit to a new location to safeguard your expensive belongings for a successful trip.

Can you recommend any wildlife experiences in South Africa?

The wildlife in South Africa is well-known. A safari in Kruger National Park, where you can see the “Big Five” (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros), is a must-do activity. Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park, Addo Elephant National Park, and Pilanesberg Game Reserve are some more well-liked animal locations.

Are there any adventure activities in South Africa?

Yes, A paradise for adventurers is South Africa. Gansbaai offers shark cage diving; Bloukrans Bridge offers bungee jumping; Tsitsikamma Forest offers zip-lining; the Drakensberg Mountains offer trekking; and the enormous dunes of the Kalahari Desert offer sandboarding.

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