12 Best Things to Do in Peru for Solo Travelers

The Land of History and Culture, Peru opens a full series of possibilities for travelers. Apart from Macchu Picchu which is one of the most famous spots we know, there are a lot of things to do in Peru.

Be it hiking to Colca Canyon, choosing the famous Inca Trail, a four-day hike or walking through the streets of Cusco, Hiking to Choquequirao, sandboarding in Huacachina dunes, swimming with turtles, whale watching, the list goes endless!

At CCN Travels, we’re determined to provide you with travel guides and the best recommendations based on our experiences and you’ll love them, so check them out! 

This dream vacation spot is brimming with must-do activities, from Machu Picchu to the Amazon.

12 Best Things to Do in Peru for Solo Travelers

These are the best things to do in Peru for solo travelers: 

1. PeruRail Expedition Train to Machu Picchu

PeruRail Expedition Train to Machu Picchu

The PeruRail Expedition train has all you need if you’re seeking an adventure on the way to Machu Picchu at an incredible price aboard a train with all the amenities onboard. A great option to begin your journey to the citadel of Machu Picchu is to board the PeruRail Expedition train, which has railway cars that are richly decorated with Incan art.

2. Amazon Jungle Adventure

The heart of South America and the custodian of 20% of the world’s freshwater is the huge Amazon River and the vast, densely wooded basin it occupies. Travelers from all over the world flock to Iquitos to cruise the fabled waters of the river and see a variety of animals both above and below the water.

3. Mysterious Nazca Lines

As the most well-known archaeological site in Peru, the mysterious Nazca Lines (sometimes spelled Nasca Lines) are second only to Machu Picchu. The enigmatic geoglyphs at the UNESCO World Heritage Site include hummingbirds, monkeys, geometric forms, and swirls. 

4. Lima City Walking Tour

On a sightseeing trip to Lima that is both instructive and entertaining, get to know the city’s lengthy royal history. Explore Lima’s historical district with an informed guide as you take in the spooky catacombs of San Francisco Monastery, the magnificent Presidential Palace’s façade, and the old Dominicans Tower. On this educational trip, expand your knowledge of Lima’s interesting past.

5. Salkantay Trek + Sky Camp

Take on a challenge on the 4-day Salkantay Trek to the renowned Machu Picchu. Through the wild, rocky Andean mountain range and down to the lofty fringes of the Cloud Forest, this alternate path leads you to Humantay Lake, the powerful Salkantay Mountain, and other notable locations. Spend the night at the private Sky Camp as well for unforgettable stargazing in the highlands!

6. Sandboarding and Mini-Galapagos

Don’t allow your short stay in Lima to prevent you from traveling to Huacachina and Paracas. For those who are pressed for time, a full-day tour is the best way to see the desert oasis and other natural highlights. After arriving in Paracas, you’ll board a boat excursion to view sea lion and seal populations on Ballestas Island!

7. The Classic Salkantay Trek 5 Days

One of Peru’s most well-known walks, the Salkantay journey to Machu Picchu offers the greatest alternate path to the Inca Trail. You will encounter the most diverse spectrum of ecosystems throughout your 5-day tour. Observe enormous snow-capped mountains like Humantay, make a dramatic turn to enter the Cloud Forest, and travel beside a portion of the Inca Path.

8. Rainbow Mountain

The appropriately named Rainbow Mountain, striped with rainbow mineral deposits and located well off the usual route, is reachable after a few hours of travel from Cusco via the untamed mountainous terrain of Peru. For a once-in-a-lifetime wilderness experience, climb the mountain with a guide, or rent a horse (at your expense) for simpler access to the same breathtaking views. 

9. Machu Picchu Tours

The most well-known archaeological site in Peru, possibly all of South America, is the lost city of Machu Picchu. The ancient Inca empire’s hilltop citadel is now a group of temples, terraced hills, and plazas that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even while Machu Picchu is now well-known around the world, it has yet to unveil the secrets of its creation, purpose, and ultimate fate.

10. ATV Tour to Moray

Reaching the remote locations is difficult since the Sacred Valley of Peru is located in the Andean Highlands, an area of rough mountains, wide plains, and towering cliffs. Select a morning or afternoon half-day safari to explore the rugged terrain on a potent all-terrain quad bike. Enjoy panoramic views of the Peruvian countryside, learn about life under Incan control, and easily access historical places like Moray and Maras with the help of your guide.

11. Visit the Sea Lions in Palomino Islands

On this excursion, which is ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors, you may swim with wild sea lions in their natural habitat. The Guanera Islands (Islas Guaneras), where Humboldt penguins, guano birds, and sea lions can be found, can be reached by boat from Lima. After taking a safe swim with the marine mammals, get into the sea and enjoy it.

12. Group Cooking Class at Marcelo Batata

At the Marcelo Batata Restaurant in Cusco, take part in a small-group cooking lesson to learn about the diverse flavors and culinary heritage of Peruvian food. Shop for traditional ingredients and try unusual fruits at San Pedro Market; prepare a variety of classic Peruvian dishes like ceviche, Lomo Saltado, etc. 

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