16 Best Places to Visit in Paraguay For An Amazing Trip

Paraguay is one of the most endearing yet underappreciated nations on the South American continent. The modest country is blessed with a lot of locations that are still largely unexplored by the outside world. 

These amazing spots to see in Paraguay will astound you because they offer a distinct cultural fusion in comparison to other adjacent countries. 

True wonder is hidden from the world’s photographers, Paraguay makes it a place well worth traveling to. 

It is a world within a world because of how beautiful nature is, the gorgeous locations, and more importantly how many hidden spots there are.

The nation’s geological characteristics add to its appeal. The nation has a hot, humid climate and is a veritable wonderland of nature. The east has lush grasslands, whereas the west is more of an empty salt marsh.

The Paraguay River divides the area clearly, and it is possible to find hidden attractions that make this such a pleasant spot to explore. 

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Here is a List of the Best Places to Visit in Paraguay

Are you ready to explore the best Paraguay attractions?

1. Aregua

lakefront Aregua is a great spot to go to get away from the heat and energy of Paraguay’s only true metropolis. It is only a short drive from the bustling downtown streets of Asuncion and is now nearly continuous with the city thanks to the endless expansion of its outer suburbs.

All of this is situated close to the waters of Ypacarai Lake, whose azure waters are constantly dotted with sailboats and ferries bound for San Bernardino. On the outskirts of the city, the Koi and Chorori hills have remarkable hexagonal geological formations.

2. Yaguaron

In the early 1600s, a Spanish mission was established in this small backwater town to serve as a community for the Guarani indigenous. It is located immediately south of the country’s capital, Asuncion, under the shadow of bulbous cliffs and rocky hills.

It is one of the best representations of the Franciscan heritage in the nation and makes a wonderful cultural supplement to a tour of the museum’s display spaces. The Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia Museum is only down the street from the former residence of the dictator of Paraguay.

3. Filadelfia

Filadelfia is located right on the edge of the Gran Chaco, where the forests and rolling hills of the Region Oriental give way to the vast boreal plains that serve as the very center of the continent as a whole.

Due to this, the remote town known as the “Capital of the Chaco” is considerably dissimilar from the tiny southern cities of Aregua and Itaugua.

The Fernheim Colony, a Mennonite community that was transplanted from Stalinist Russia in the 1930s, is based in Filadelfia and is home to speakers of the German language.

4. Concepcion

Concepcion, which straddled the edge of the Grand Chaco and benefited from excellent river links to the major southern cities, experienced an economic golden period before being drawn into conflict during the Paraguayan War.

The colonial colony’s principal avenues and cobblestone alleyways still exhibit all the characteristics of a prosperous agricultural outpost today.

Hop-on, hop-off river cruise passengers board and disembark as they go along the Paraguay River’s bends, marveling at the ornate façade and painted Spanish-style churches along the way, and breathing in the warm, tropical airs.

5. Ybycui National Park

At Ybycui National Park, a small and tightly knit protected area of what is left of the Upper Parana Atlantic Forest, capuchin monkeys swing across the canopy, and howler monkeys mount the tree trunks.

To experience the roaring waterfalls that tumble through the rocky undergrowth of the forests in steps and plunge pools, most tourists make the relatively short 150-kilometer drive here directly from the city.

The remnants of a former iron factory, where the ferociously fought Paraguayan War armies formerly produced weapons and ammunition while hunkered in the hills, are another popular site.

6. Ciudad del Este

The markets of Ciudad del Este stretch out along the Parana River’s courses like a Moroccan bazaar, with the sounds of Middle Eastern barterers and Taiwanese electronics hawkers resonating amongst the endless rows of bright electronics and designer clothing.

There is a good reason why this openly celebrated center of the Paraguayan illicit market is referred to as the “Supermarket of the Americas “. 

Every day, thousands of Brazilians travel to the town to shop at Camilo Recalde’s outlets, but most tourists head straight for the Itaipu Dam, another significant source of income for Paraguay.

7. Villarrica

Villarrica is a proud and historically significant Paraguayan town located in the shadow of the Ybyturuzu mountain ridges. Monuments of national heroes can be found throughout the town, as well as some of the most significant cultural institutions and customs.

Then there are the boisterous Easter celebrations, which erupt on the squares and in the spaces in between the Franciscan church’s stunning Spanish-style towers – an incredibly attractive remnant of the colonial era, to put it mildly.

8. La Santisima Trinidad de Parana

The historical crown jewel of Paraguay is located just to the north of the vibrant southern city of Encarnacion, rising from the gently sloping hills not far from the Parana River.

The location, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular in the nation is a prime illustration of a South American Jesuit Reduction. The location now displays dilapidated churches and priests’ apartments, many of which are decorated with European art and others which feature an odd blending of Indian and Italianesque forms. 

9. Asuncion

Asuncion, a strange city of over two million people, is the vibrant political, economic, and cultural center of contemporary Paraguay. The downtown area is surrounded by the Paraguay River, which flows westward along the Argentina border, and clings to its eastern banks. 

Visitors can explore one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the Americas here, against popular belief. Asuncion, which was founded by the conquistadors, served as the Spanish colonists’ home base while they traveled westward to the untamed regions of Peru and Patagonia.

The impressive National Pantheon of the Heroes and the vibrant nightlife along the emerging Paseo Carmelitas have gilded the town today.

10. Cerro Cora National Park

One of the most stunning stretches of backcountry in all of Paraguay is without a doubt found in this tiny nature reserve. It was just recently founded and already covers a considerable area of undulating savannah and highland environment, where strange hills rise above the swaying grasses and insects buzz about the shuffling carapaces of armadillos.

The region’s parched plains and forestry may be seen in great detail from Muralia Peak, which also offers fascinating cultural contacts with local tribespeople and a scattering of enigmatic prehistoric petroglyphs to pique interest.

11. Encarnacion

The ‘Pearl of the South’, which luxuriates freely on the banks of the Parana River, attracts large numbers of Asuncenos (residents of the capital) throughout the summer with the promise of pristine riparian beaches and the nation’s most exciting boardwalk boulevard.

The best sands may be found towards Curupayty’s end; they are well-kept, managed, and peppered with both sunbathers and bikini-clad fashionistas. Jet skis zip around the meanders of Parana beneath the sparkling high-rises of the city’s brand-new residential areas across the bay, demonstrating the popularity of water sports.

After you’ve had your fill of relaxation, make sure to see the Jesuit ruins on the town’s outskirts, which have been recognized by UNESCO.

12. San Estanislao

The tiny but fascinating little stop-off of San Estanislao is like the history of the nation rewritten in miniature. It was founded by Spanish Jesuits in the central Paraguayan town of San Pedro to convert the local Guarani Indian population. Over the past 200 years, immigrants from Italy, Germany, and Eastern Europe have also influenced its culture.

Travelers can visit to see the charming plazas lined with trees and bask in the tranquil atmosphere, while in the evenings they can encounter a vibrant group of students walking around with drinks in hand.

13. San Cosme y Damian

The settlement of San Cosme y Damian stands out in the enormous oxbow lakes and flooded fields that rise where the Parana River twists along the southern border with Argentina.

It is surrounded by shimmering, palm tree-dotted, yellow-sanded dunes that flow across the landscape before descending straight into the lake.

Nearby, there is a fascinating old Jesuit mission, and boat cruises and hikes over the coasts are wonderful ways to explore the surreal landscapes and shifting sands.

14. Saltos Del Monday

Stunning waterfalls accentuate the beauty of the surrounding terrain. This location is crucial to see and is frequently listed as one of the greatest tourist attractions in Paraguay. The area is home to some stunning waterfalls that add to its beauty and make it a must-see for everyone. 

Don’t forget to bring your hiking boots when you visit this breathtaking location to keep yourself safe along the edges. Make time to capture the beauty of the location in your photos and do some killing photography as well.

15. Palacio de Lopez

It is unquestionably among the nicest sights in Asuncion. The Government palace is a breathtaking structure that has a Latin American feel about it. The lavish night illumination in the historic center, which has withstood the passage of time, magnifies its magnificence tenfold. One of the top destinations in Paraguay for tourists is this site.

16. San Bernardino

Barred off from the chaos of the capital by the great liquid curve of Lake Ypacarai, San Bernardino has firmly established itself as one of the prime gateways for the moneyed jet-setter Asuncenos.

Ferries from Aregua’s outer districts buzz across several times per day, dropping off passengers on Bernardino’s waterside boulevards, where they disperse among swaying palm trees and artificial sand stretches.

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