20 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe & Best Time to Visit

Europe has always been one of the romantic destinations the lovebirds around the world. Now that the pressure of wedding planning is behind you, it’s time to concentrate on what matters: spending undisturbed alone time with your new spouse.

Where the quaint alleys of Paris and the glistening French Riviera beaches are waiting.

Travel to Italy to explore the world of culture in Florence, spend days in the sun in Sicily, or stroll through the ruins of the past.

At CCN Travels, we are determined to get you the best options for you to check out, and explore the other honeymoon destination we’ve updated lately!

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe in your Budget

Ready to explore the best honeymoon destination in Europe? Let’s dive right in! 

1. Sweden

A Sweden honeymoon experience is known for all such exceptional components that the newlyweds cannot discover anywhere else in the world, including thousands of islands, blue lakes, milk-white glacial mountains, Midnight Sun, Arctic Winters, and, of course, the Northern Lights.

This is where to go in Sweden for an amazing honeymoon in the “Land of the Midnight Sun” if you, too, are mesmerized by the unattainable charm of Sweden and are planning a romantic getaway with your partner.

Best Time to Visit 

The best time to visit Sweden is in the off-season months of May, September, and October when the temperatures are warm and crowds are low. In Malta, springtime temperatures range from 9°C to 16°C. 

Best Things to Do 

Fotografiska, a photography enthusiast’s haven in Sweden, is located right in the center of Stockholm. These are the best things to do in Sweden:

  • Take a tour of the Drottningholm Palace
  • Explore the majestic Kalmar Castle
  • Stay for a night at the Icehotel
  • Indulge in kayaking
  • Learn a thing or two at Fotografiska
  • Spend an evening at the Garden Society of Gothenburg

Best Cities

But which ten Swedish cities rank highest? We’ll tell you about some of our favorites, such as Malmö, Gothenburg, and Stockholm, here. The architecture, history, culture, and gastronomy of these Swedish powerhouses are all top-notch. 

The Best Cities are listed here:

  • Stockholm
  • Gothenburg
  • Karlskrona
  • Malmö 
  • Linköping
  • Kiruna
  • Ystad
  • Kalmar

Ideal Duration

If your only goal is to go to the Arctic Circle, engage in winter activities, and search for the Northern Lights, five days should be more than sufficient. We advise a seven to ten-day trip to Sweden, though, as the nation offers much more than just a winter playground.

Currency Used

The monetary unit in Sweden is the Krona SEK. ( 1 USD = 10.06 Swedish Krona )

Top Tourist Attractions in Sweden

Sweden is a traveler’s dream because of its extensive history and diverse scenery. It’s difficult to beat if you enjoy being outside. The best top tourist attractions in Sweden:

  • Gamla Stan
  • Drottningholm Palace
  • The Göta Canal
  • Kiruna and the Ice Hotel
  • Skansen and Djurgården
  • Visby

2. Switzerland

Honeymoon Destinations in Switzerland

Switzerland has continued to capture our hearts with its allure, whether it be the classic romance of DDLJ’s Raj and Simran in Zurich or the endearing fling of Bachna Ae Haseeno’s contemporary Raj and Mahi in Gstaad.

These well-known locations are therefore without a doubt the ideal honeymoon venues in Switzerland for every couple to mark the beginning of their new life!

There is enough for you two to linger over, from lush green pastures to snow-capped mountains.

Best Time to Visit 

Winter sports fans may prefer December to March, but April to October is the ideal time to visit Switzerland. The nation has four distinct seasons, each of which offers unique attractions.

Alpine blooms, flowering trees, and cows moving to pasture are all signs of spring, which lasts from March to May.

Best Things to Do in Switzerland

The majestic Alps, with their towering snow-capped peaks, sparkling blue lakes, verdant valleys, glaciers, and picture-perfect lakeside hamlets, give this landlocked country a fairy-tale splendor. These are the things to do in Switzerland:

  • The Matterhorn
  • Jungfraujoch
  • Interlaken
  • Lucerne
  • Lake Geneva
  • Chateau de Chillon
  • Moritz

Best Cities

This landlocked country is endowed with a fairy-tale beauty by the towering Alps, glistening blue lakes, verdant valleys, glaciers, and charming lakeside hamlets. These Cities in Switzerland are listed here:

  • Zurich
  • Geneva
  • Lucerne
  • Winterthur
  • Basel
  • La Chaux-de-Fonds

Ideal Duration

While winter sports aficionados would prefer December to March, the best time to visit Switzerland is between April and October. The four diverse seasons in the nation each have its attractions. Alpine blossoms, blossoming trees, and cows leaving the pasture are all signs of spring from March to May.

Currency Used 

The Currency Used in Switzerland is the Swiss Franc (CHF). While the Swiss Franc is accepted everywhere, you can also use the Euro in most places. (1 USD = 0.95 Swiss Franc)

Top Tourist Attraction

Here is a list to clear up all your questions about the main and must-see tourist attractions in Switzerland:

  • Lucerne 
  • Interlaken 
  • Jungfraujoch 
  • Lake Geneva 
  • The Matterhorn 
  • Zurich 
  • Swiss National Park
  • Chateau De Chillon, Montreux 
  • St Moritz
  • Bern

3. Norway


A honeymoon is no longer merely a leisurely romantic getaway where newlyweds look for a nice house, a warm atmosphere, and helpful hosts.

The idea of a honeymoon is evolving with the times. Adventure ambitions now serve as a link between love partners.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to state that for many people, sharing a love of travel makes for a good marriage.

Millennials are doing it! And for any couple seeking a captivating post-marriage getaway, a honeymoon in Norway is the best option!

Best Time to Visit

For higher temperatures and longer days, June, July, and August are the ideal months to visit Norway.

The mythical midnight sun makes July the warmest month in Norway and is perfect for outdoor activities like biking, kayaking, and gathering berries.

Midges will buzz throughout the marshlands and bite, and prices will be high.

Best Things to Do in Norway

For longer days and higher temperatures, June, July, and August are the ideal months to visit Norway.

Norway’s warmest month is July when the famed midnight sun makes outdoor activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, and harvesting berries ideal. These are the things you can do in Norway:

  • The Oslo region
  • Tromsø and the land of the northern lights
  • Lofoten and Nordland
  • Bergen and the western fjords
  • The Geirangerfjord and the Northwest
  • The Stavanger region
  • Kristiansand and Southern Norway

Best Cities in Norway

the best cities in Norway seamlessly blend old with new, and this makes the country so amazing to travel around:

  • Haugesund
  • Tonsberg
  • Drammen
  • Larvik
  • Hamar
  • Kristiansand
  • Tromso

Ideal Duration

To truly explore Norway, we advise at least five days. If you only have a little bit of time, don’t worry. Shorter visits are still possible, but they should concentrate on just one or two key areas. Remote locales like Svalbard and the Lofoten Islands can be included if you have more than a week.

Currency Used

The Norwegian currency is NOK (Kroner). (1 USD = 9.66 Norwegian Krone). 

Top Tourist Attractions in Norway

Probably Norway’s most well-known tourist destinations are its fjords. These Top Tourist Attractions in Norway:

  • Roros
  • Urnes Stave Church
  • Voringfossen
  • Nidaros Cathedral
  • Nordkapp
  • Jostedalsbreen Glacier
  • Viking Ship Museum

4. Iceland


A honeymoon is no longer merely a leisurely romantic getaway where newlyweds look for a nice house, a warm atmosphere, and helpful hosts.

The idea of a honeymoon is evolving with the times. Adventure ambitions now serve as a link between love partners.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to state that for many people, sharing a love of travel makes for a good marriage.

Millennials are doing it! And for any couple seeking a captivating post-marriage getaway, a honeymoon in Norway is the best option!

Best Time to Visit 

Since they are the warmest, July and August are often the busiest travel seasons in Iceland. In addition, June attracts nearly as many visitors as the height of summer due to its constant daylight.

However, poor weather (such as rain and strong gusts) still occurs frequently throughout this time of year.

Best Things to Do in Iceland

Forget the top 10 things to do in Iceland. Here are the top 12 best things to do:

  • Go On a Whale Watching Tour
  • Go Horseback Riding 
  • Have a Night Out in Reykjavik
  • Visit Lake Myvatn in North Iceland
  • Relax in the Blue Lagoon Spa
  • See Dettifoss Waterfall in North Iceland
  • Places to See in Iceland: The Westfjords

Best Cities in Iceland

Plan your travels with our list of the best cities in Iceland:

  • Reykjavik
  • Hafnarfjörður
  • Akureyri
  • Seyðisfjörður
  • Kópavogur
  • Egilsstadir
  • Hofn

Ideal Duration

A good time to go hiking is in July and August when all the trails are open. Winter should not be discounted, either, as February, March, September, and October are the finest months to visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

Read our guide to learn everything you need to know about the ideal time of year to visit Iceland.

Currency Used

The unit of currency used in Iceland is the Icelandic krona. (1 USD = 135.64 Icelandic Króna)

Top Tourist Attractions in Iceland

With this list of the greatest sights and activities in Iceland, you can learn more about the best places to go:

  • Whale Watching
  • Soak in the Blue Lagoon
  • Watch Spectacular Geysers
  • The Northern Lights
  • Hike in Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve
  • Maelifell Volcano & Myrdalsjökull Glacier Park
  • Explore the Skaftafell Ice Cave

5. The United Kingdom

Essential Guide to Travel Solo in London in 2022

For the ultimate jaw-droppingly stunning honeymoon, forget the Maldives and St. Lucia and travel to the UK instead.

Everything is right here and just waiting to be found, whether you want to hike across the untamed Scottish Highlands or get lost in a charming coastal village’s twisting alleyways.

Best Time to Visit 

The best seasons to visit the UK are spring (late March to early June) and fall (September to November) when the weather is often pleasant and dry.

By skipping the much busy summer season, you can enjoy the lovely spring flowers or the autumnal color changes in the leaves.

Best Things to Do

From Cardiff to London via Edinburgh, Belfast, and the rest, cities and towns hold down the fort while nature does its thing, and there is a delight to be found everywhere. 

  1. Take a tour of the UK’s incredible National Parks
  2. Wander around a dreamy Italian-style village in Wales
  3. Go fossil-hunting on the Jurassic Coast
  4. Get a taste for magic on the Cornish coast
  5. Take a perch on Arthur’s Seat
  6. Go for a curry in Birmingham’s Balti Triangle

Best Cities in the UK

Spend some time exploring one of its many renowned cities and towns, or travel through its gorgeous villages and countryside, and you’ll discover a limitless supply of places worth visiting:

  • London
  • Bath
  • York
  • Oxford
  • Durham
  • Liverpool
  • Brighton

Ideal Duration

The greatest time to visit England will depend on what the traveler hopes to see or do there. The months of March through May in England are considered springtime.

Easter Sunday may see the majority of stores closed, and there may also be numerous adjustments to the public transportation schedule during this time.

Currency Used

The Sterling (ISO code GBP, abbreviation stg) is the official currency of the United Kingdom. (1 USD= 0.82 Pound sterling)

Top Tourist Attractions in the UK

Use our list of the top destinations in England to help you make the most of your vacation plan:

  • Stonehenge
  • Tower of London
  • The Roman Baths and Georgian City of Bath
  • The British Museum
  • York Minster and Historic Yorkshire
  • Windsor Castle
  • Chester Zoo

6. Poland


Poland is among the most stunning places to visit in all of Europe. Every year, many newlywed couples come here to celebrate their honeymoon and frequent this location.

It is a city in Eastern Europe that cannot be ignored under any circumstances. 

Each year, it invites thousands of visitors to take advantage of its numerous attractions. It is well known for being among the top vacation spots for newlyweds. Warsaw serves as Poland’s capital.

Best Time to Visit 

The most well-liked period for sightseeing in Poland is from June to August when the weather is nice and dry.

But if you want to avoid the summer throngs, spring (March through April) and fall (September through October) provide excellent weather and lesser pricing.

Best Things to Do in Poland

Whether you’re interested in history, art, or nature, use our list of the top tourist destinations in Poland to help you plan your trip:

  • Wieliczka Salt Mine
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau Camps
  • Warsaw Old Market Place
  • Malbork Castle
  • Lazienki Park
  • Schindler’s Factory

Best Cities in Poland

What are some of Poland’s top cities, why are they noteworthy, and what should you do there? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Warsaw
  • Krakow
  • Gdansk
  • Poznan
  • Wroclaw
  • Lodz

Ideal Duration:

You can only really experience Poland’s culture, history, and cuisine by staying there for at least 10 days. This Poland itinerary covers only a small portion of the entire nation in its 10 days, so don’t be shocked if you start making plans for a return trip right away.

Currency Used

Zloty, (Polish: “gold coin”) monetary unit of Poland. 1 USD= 4.63 Poland złoty)

Top Tourist Attractions in Poland

Whether exploring the nation’s vibrant cities, the lakes, and forests of her picturesque countryside, or some of the other tourist attractions in Poland, visitors are sure to bring away rich memories.

These are the tourist attractions in Poland:

  • Wawel Castle
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau
  • Masurian Lakeland
  • Slowinski Sand Dunes
  • Malbork Castle
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine

7. The Netherlands


The Netherlands is a stunning country that attracts visitors with its picturesque splendor, pleasant winters, and cool summers. It also has a wealth of natural and historical attractions. There are stunning hills, lakes, waterfalls, and mountains. 

There are many activities you and your partner can do together if you’re planning a romantic holiday or want to spend your honeymoon in the Netherlands.

Best Time to Visit 

The finest months to travel to the Netherlands are June and September to November when the leaves change color and the foods and beverages of the holiday season start to appear.

These are the times when you can find the ideal balance of price, peace, and activities. The temperatures are very comfortable, ranging from 48 to 66°F.

Best Things to Do in the Netherlands

Here are the best things to do in the Netherlands:

  • Explore the Canals of Amsterdam
  • Stroll around the Garden of Europe
  • Admire Grote Kerk
  • Visit the Rijksmuseum
  • Explore Hoge Veluwe National Park
  • Visit the Anne Frank Museum
  • Enjoy the village of Marken

Best Cities in the Netherlands

In this thorough list of the finest cities in the Netherlands, you’ll discover plenty of details about the best things to do when you arrive. The Best Cities in the Netherlands:

  • Amsterdam
  • Utrecht
  • Maastricht
  • Delft
  • Rotterdam
  • The Hague
  • Haarlem

Ideal Duration

We suggest spending at least four days in the Netherlands. In four days, you might visit the most popular sights in Amsterdam and its surroundings. If you have more time and want to visit additional sites, villages, and cities, it will take you 10 days to traverse the entire Netherlands.

Currency Used

The Netherlands, like most of Europe, uses the euro as its form of currency.

Top Tourist Attractions in the Netherlands

Make sure to use our list of the top tourist destinations in The Netherlands to organize your travel schedule:

  • Jordaan and Amsterdam’s Canals
  • Keukenhof
  • Rijksmuseum
  • Historic Binnenhof
  • Anne Frank House
  • Oude Haven
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • The Windmills of Kinderdijk

8. Germany


Germany has constructed castles that serve as both the pinnacle of architecture and the definition of a fairyland. People throughout the world have been inspired by these breweries.

With vibrant flowers dotting the landscape, towering spires rising into the sky, shimmering lakes, and guarding Alps, you’ll be convinced you’re daydreaming. 

You must start your married life’s adventure here. Here is an educational guide on honeymooning in Germany so that you can make sure you do it correctly.

Best Time to Visit Germany

The “tourism season” in Germany typically lasts from May through September. The greatest weather, snow-free alpine paths, extremely long days (lit till after 21:00), and the busiest tourist fun schedule are all benefits of summer.

Best Things to Do in 

It’s a Herculean challenge to select the greatest things to do here with such an incredible variety of options. But here is our list anyhow!

  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Cologne Cathedral
  • Miniatur Wunderland
  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Europa Park
  • Berlin Wall

Best Cities in Germany

Germany is one of those places where, depending on which location you visit, you’ll have a completely different experience. That is its beauty:

  • Schwerin
  • Hamburg
  • Berlin
  • Leipzig
  • Dusseldorf
  • Frankfurt

Ideal Duration

May through September, when temperatures are normally in the low to mid-20s, is the greatest season to travel to Germany. Expect dense visitor crowds and the highest lodging and airfare costs of the year, and this is especially true during the height of the summer.

Currency Used

The currency in Germany is the euro

Top Tourist Attractions in Germany

Perhaps the greatest words to define the core of a trip to Germany are history, culture, and natural beauty. With its plethora of charming small villages and historical cities, these are the top tourist attractions in Germany:

  • Cologne Cathedral
  • The Black Forest
  • Berlin’s Museum Island
  • Munich’s Marienplatz
  • Bamberg and the Bürgerstadt
  • Zugspitze Massif

9. Denmark

Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in Denmark for Couples

That depends on your preferences, I suppose. You should probably pick a different location if your idea of the perfect honeymoon is lying on a warm beach.

But if you and your partner enjoy traveling and want to spend your honeymoon discovering new things and getting to know different cultures, Denmark is one of the places you should think about visiting. Everyone should at least once in their lifetime travel to Denmark.

Best Time to Visit

Denmark is best visited in June, July, and August when the days are long and the temperature is pleasant between 15°C and 20°C, making it perfect for hiking through the lush surroundings.

Both locals and tourists enjoy spending time outside during this season, and the seashore can become crowded.

Best Things to Do in Denmark

With this list of the greatest attractions in Denmark, you may discover your new favorite destination:

  • Tivoli Gardens
  • Christiansborg Palace
  • National Museum of Denmark
  • The Open-Air Museum 
  • LEGO House
  • Nyhavn
  • Kronborg Slot 

Best Cities in Denmark

There is a tonne of things to see and do in this place, like the longboats that are moored in several of its ports, wonderful museums, historic cathedrals, and beautiful architecture. These are the unskippable best cities in Denmark:

  • Herning
  • Helsingor
  • Sonderborg
  • Esbjerg
  • Roskilde
  • Skagen
  • Frederiksberg

Ideal Duration

Usually, travelers who want to include Copenhagen in a longer vacation find that 3-5 days is a decent starting point. Two days will do if Copenhagen is more of a stopover than a final destination.

Currency Used

The krone is the official currency of Denmark.

Top Tourist Attractions in Denmark

The visitor can find many other fantastic tourist attractions in Denmark outside of the capital:

  • Frederiksborg Palace
  • Oresund Bridge
  • Vikingeskibsmuseet
  • Skagen Beaches
  • Legoland Billund
  • Little Mermaid

10. Spain


Planning a honeymoon in Spain but unable to decide between a hill station or a beach for your lovely plans? Spain has everything, from its well-known beaches to its verdant hills, green valleys, and snow-capped mountains.

Not to add the steamy samba, endless Sangrias, and flamenco dancing. The top locations for an amazing honeymoon in Spain, the wonderful nation, are listed here. 

Best Time to Visit Location

The ideal time to travel to Spain on your honeymoon. The finest months are April, May, June, September, and October because Spain’s summers are fairly hot.

Best Things to Do in Spain

Visitors to Spain will find that the nation has a lot to offer. Let’s look at some of the breathtaking tourist sites in Spain:

  • The Canary Islands
  • Costa Del Sol Beach
  • Santiago De Compostela Cathedral
  • The Great Mosque Of Cordoba
  • Guggenheim Museum
  • Plaza Mayor
  • The White Towns Of Andalucía
  • La Rambla
  • El Teide

Best Cities in Spain

From scenic landscapes to adventurous expeditions, a vacation in Spain offers you memories of a lifetime!

  • Consuegra 
  • Cuenca 
  • Cordoba 
  • Segovia 
  • Granada 
  • Madrid 

Ideal Duration

However, when it comes to Spain itineraries, we advise a minimum of seven-eight days as this is just enough time to visit two places in one trip (like Madrid and Barcelona, or Seville and Granada).

Currency Used

The euro is the official currency of Spain.

Top Tourist Attractions in Spain

Visitors to Spain will find that the nation has a lot to offer. Let’s look at some of the breathtaking tourist sites in Spain. Don’t miss out on these tourist attractions in Spain:

  • Costa Brava
  • The Canary Islands
  • Costa Del Sol Beach
  • Santiago De Compostela Cathedral
  • The Great Mosque Of Cordoba
  • Guggenheim Museum
  • Plaza Mayor
  • The White Towns Of Andalucía

11. Malta

Honeymoon Destinations in Malta & Best Time to Visit

Malta is a honeymooners’ paradise due to its wonderful year-round climate and plenty of attractions. Beautiful scenery, a storied past, and magnificent architecture serve as showcases for the majesty of the Mediterranean. This romantic island is the solution to your love-filled dreams for the perfect honeymoon.

Best Time to Visit Malta

Malta is best visited in the early spring, in April, May, and June. There are fewer visitors and the weather is pleasant (sunny days and chilly evenings). If the slightly cooler waters don’t bother you, you can swim in them.

Best Things to Do in Malta

There are so many wonderful things to do in this tiny Mediterranean island nation. Malta has the highest concentration of historical sites of any nation, including the oldest stone structures in the world, baroque wonders created by the Knights of St. John, labyrinthine Roman catacombs, and Second World War secrets. 

Don’t miss out on these things when you visit Malta:

  • Wander Valletta
  • Dive deep into Malta and Gozo
  • Explore the marine life of Malta’s Mediterranean coastline to tropical exotics.
  • Walking the honeyed limestone streets of historic Mdina.
  • Cruise the famous Grand Harbour
  • Walk into the world’s oldest stone architecture
  • Eat your way around Valletta

Best Cities in Malta

Malta has a wide range of offerings despite its tiny size. You won’t feel like you are losing out on anything if you choose to live in a busy metropolis, a tranquil rural setting, the countryside, or by the shore:

  • Valletta 
  • Mdina
  • Sliema
  • Mellieha
  • Sliema
  • Dwejra
  • Birgu

Ideal Duration

Malta may be visited in ten days, which is not too long. Over the winter, you go for 10 weeks, but I think that’s too little time.

You won’t have enough time to see everything there is to see because there is so much to see and do. The small island of Malta is home to more history than virtually any other place on the planet.

Currency Used

The only currency used in the Maltese islands is the Euro. 

Top Tourist Attractions in Malta

Here are the best places to visit in Malta:

  • Julians
  • Sliema
  • Gozo
  • Mdina
  • Birgu
  • Dwejra
  • Comino
  • Mellieha
  • Marsaxlokk

12. Latvia

For a tranquil romantic getaway or honeymoon, Latvia has so much to offer. The capital city of Latvia, Riga, has a variety of 4 and 5-star hotels as well as a wide selection of bars and eateries to keep you entertained.

The House of Blackheads, the Freedom Monument, the Riga Cathedral, and a host of other stunning structures and intriguing museums are just a few of the many attractions in Riga’s charming old town, you’ll be drooled by the views.

Best Time to Visit 

The greatest seasons to travel to the Baltic States are late spring and summer(March, April, May, and June ) when there is typically enough good weather to allow you to promenade through the cities and undertake large excursions into nature.

Overall, the Baltic region has a climate that is unpredictable only during the long, dark winters; during all other seasons, the weather might fluctuate drastically.

Best Things to Do in Latvia

Despite its abundance of attractions and activities, Latvia is still one of Eastern Europe’s least traveled regions. However, this is beginning to change.

Here are the best things to do in Latvia:

  • Go for a walk at Town Hall Square
  • Explore the Seaside Open Air Museum in Ventspils
  • Walk down Jauniela
  • Brave the Naval Port Prison
  • Go inside Ligatne Bunker
  • Visit Old Sigulda Castle
  • Stroll along the Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk

Best Cities in Latvia

The majority of Latvia is an unexplored wonderland filled with ancient castles, virgin forests, and historic structures in a variety of architectural styles. Here are our selections for the top 10 towns:

  • Riga
  • Sabile
  • Kuldiga
  • Kandava
  • Talsi
  • Cesis

Ideal Duration in Latvia

Between June through September, when temperatures are warm and days are long, is the ideal season to visit Latvia. Between November and April, when temperatures are typically below 5 ° C and days are short, those who enjoy the cold season can visit the nation.

Currency Used

The currency in Latvia is the euro.

Top Tourist Attractions in Latvia

Because it pulls together all that is finest about this region, Latvia is properly referred to be the heart of the Baltics. These top tourist attractions in Latvia:

  • The House of Blackheads
  • Rundale Palace – Museum
  • Jurmala
  • Gauja National Park (Gauja River Valley)
  • City of Kuldiga
  • Turaida Castle (Sigulda)

13. Greece

If you’ve ever gone on a honeymoon in Greece, you’ll understand why people think fairy tales are impossible imaginations since you’ve experienced one.

Greece is an appealing Balkan country that is dispersed randomly across the Aegean Sea in Southeast Europe.

It is a top choice among the world’s most popular honeymoon locations due to its alluring natural beauty and gorgeous architecture.

Santorini’s black-sand beaches, Mykonos’ lovely resorts, Oia’s settlements of whitewashed homes, and Crete’s ancient city, which dates back to almost the fifth century B.C., are all beautiful places to visit. But Crete is the ultimate love.

Best Time to Visit

The best times to travel to Greece are in the spring (April through June) and fall (September through October) if you want a relaxing vacation after the busy summer months.

There are many hours throughout the day, and it’s not too cold. In autumn, the sea is warm and welcoming, making it a great time to relax at the beaches.

Best Things to Do in Greece

Here are the best things to do in Greece:

  • Tour the Acropolis
  • Climb Mount Olympus
  • Uncover Lake Plastira
  • Admire the architecture in Santorini
  • Visit the Delphi
  • Explore the Samaria Gorge
  • Discover the Acropolis Museum

Best Cities in Greece

Greece is always a joy to visit, and every year, tens of thousands of tourists arrive on its shores to take advantage of everything it has to offer. Greece is bathed in beautiful sunshine.

These are the best cities in Greece:

  • Piraeus
  • Larissa
  • Ioannina
  • Kalambaka
  • Kalamata
  • Corfu Town
  • Rethymno

Ideal Duration

For you to have enough time to easily see Athens and one or two Greek islands, we advise that you stay in Greece for at least seven days.

If you have more time, you can undoubtedly see more places and less-traveled islands, but if you only have a few days, we can still accommodate your needs.

Currency Used

The currency in Greece is the euro. Each euro is divided into 100 cents.

Top Tourist Attractions in Greece

Plan your trip with our list of the top attractions in Greece:

  • Acropolis
  • Acropolis Museum
  • Santorini
  • Mykonos
  • Delphi
  • Towns and Beaches of Crete
  • Corfu
  • Metéora Monasteries

14. Italy


A romantic honeymoon in Italy can be anything you want it to be. The most romantic honeymoon destinations in Italy are the ones that fulfill your fantasies, whether they be cruising through the canals of Venice, wine tasting and vineyard tours with your significant other in Tuscany, sharing a romantic meal on the Amalfi Coast, or reading Romeo and Juliet in a rather modest B&B in Verona.

Best Time to Visit 

The best seasons to travel to Italy are from March through May and from September through November when the weather is pleasant and there are fewer tourists. Early April brings wildflowers, and the weather warms up through the end of June.

Best Things to Do in Italy

Here are the best things to do in Italy:

  • Visit the Valley of the Temples
  • Climb Mount Vesuvius
  • Cinque Terre
  • Take to the waters of Lake Como
  • Enjoy the art at the Uffizi Gallery
  • Stand on Juliet’s Balcony
  • Marvel at the Coliseum
  • Take a trip to Pompeii

Best Cities in Italy

These are our top ten recommendations for Italian cities, each having its personality and allure:

  • Rome
  • Venice
  • Florence
  • Milan
  • Capri
  • Naples
  • Naples

Ideal Duration

Although there is enough to do in Italy to keep you busy for a week, we advise at least 10 days to get the whole Italian experience. Even if you only have a few days in Italy, you will still be able to see most of the key attractions.

Currency Used

The currency in Italy is the euro.

Top Tourist Attractions in Italy

Plan your schedule using this list of Italy’s top attractions to ensure that you discover the greatest places to go and things to do:

  • Colosseum
  • Florence Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore
  • The Grand Canal in Venice
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Basilica of St. Peter, Sistine Chapel & Vatican Museums
  • The Uffizi Gallery in Florence
  • Cinque Terre

15. Romania

Are you looking for a historical, outdoor adventure, and city life-infused honeymoon destination? It’s much better if it’s not among the conventional top 10 romantic vacation spots, don’t you think?

Consider an adventure in Romania if you’re looking for something special to do on your honeymoon. Beautiful mountains, forests, castles, as well as ski resorts, and beaches, make up this country’s diverse terrain. 

Best Time to Visit Romania

It is best to postpone your trip until August or September because, although the weather is pleasant between May and July, it rains on over 70% of those days. The weather is quite cold the rest of the year, especially between December and March.

Best Things to Do in Romania

These are the best things in Romania you shouldn’t be missing at all!

  • Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania: Bran Castle
  • Romania’s most beautiful castle: Peleș Castle
  • A Gothic Masterpiece in Brasov: The Black Church
  • Brukenthal and Astra Museums in Sibiu
  • Go hiking in the wild Carpathian Mountains
  • Romania’s most famous World Heritage attraction
  • Discover delicious Romanian wines

Best Cities in Romania

Here is our guide to the very best cities to visit in Romania:

  • Brasov
  • Sighisoara
  • Bucharest
  • Sibiu
  • Sinaia
  • Timisoara
  • luj-Napoca

Ideal Duration

The typical honeymoon lasts between seven and ten days. While some newlyweds could elect to extend their honeymoon to two weeks or longer, others might decide to forego the celebration entirely. The couple’s vacation time, travel plans, and location all play a role.

Currency Used

The Romanian Leu is the currency of Romania.

Top Tourist Attractions in Romania

An overview of the top tourist attractions in Romania:

  • Wooden Churches of Maramures
  • Vaser Valley Forestry Railway
  • Danube Delta
  • Poiana Brasov
  • Sucevita Monastery
  • Salina Turda
  • Biertan Fortified Church

16. Portugal


One of the top honeymoon locations in Europe is without a doubt Portugal, a city with a rich past and a wonderful present. Portugal’s charming streets, picturesque islands, and expansive parks are just a few of the attractions for honeymooning couples, in addition to its bustling monuments, structures, palaces, and museums. 

Best Time to Visit 

Portugal is at its most beautiful and awakening after the winter during the spring (March to May). You may also visit in the fall (between September and October) when the sun is still out, it’s comfortable outside, and most of the tourists have left.

Best Things to Do in Portugal

Before you depart for an exciting vacation, don’t forget to take this list with you:

  • Oceanário De Lisboa
  • Livraria Bertrand
  • Furnas Lake
  • Peneda-Gerês National Park
  • Sado Estuary
  • Egg Tarts
  • Nightlife
  • Serra Da Estrela

Best Cities in Portugal

Famous explorers left its ports and returned with incredible treasures that contributed to the creation of the magnificent cities we see today.

  • Faro
  • Viseu
  • Leiria
  • Guarda
  • Viana do Castelo
  • Guimaraes
  • Funchal

Ideal Duration in Portugal

Any trip to Portugal should last at least seven days if you want to fully experience the country’s culture, traditions, and customs. Those with extra leisure can take pleasure in exploring new places or remaining longer in one place to delve deeper.

Currency Used

The currency in Portugal is the euro.

Top Tourist Attractions in Portugal

For more ideas on the best places to visit, see our list of the top tourist attractions in Portugal.

  • Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
  • Oceanário de Lisboa
  • Palácio Nacional de Sintra
  • Kayaking the Lisbon Coast
  • Torre de Belém
  • Convento do Cristo
  • Bom Jesus do Monte

17. Finland

A Finland honeymoon offers more than what the newlyweds could expect, from warm igloos to ice hotels, from attractive coastal villages to Santa Claus’ official home, from the mesmerizing Northern Lights to up-close interactions with nature.

Detailed information about the greatest locations to visit, top activities, top lodgings, and ideal travel dates for Finland can be found in the following guide.

Best Time to Visit 

The summer months of June, July, and August are typically the finest times to visit Finland as the weather is at its hottest, the days are the longest, and the landscape is at its most beautiful.

Best Things to Do in Finland

Let’s explore the best things to do in Finland: 

  • Learn some history at Siida Museum
  • Dine at Restaurant Aanaar
  • Explore Olavinlinna
  • Have a picnic at Suomenlinna
  • Go skiing in Levi
  • Visit the animals at Helsinki Zoo
  • Enjoy the Archipelago National Park

 Best Cities in Finland

Check out the best cities in Finland, these are the ones not to be missed!

  • Vantaa
  • Espoo
  • Kuopio
  • Lappeenranta
  • Joensuu
  • Porvoo
  • Savonlinna

Ideal Duration

The ideal times to see them are in September through October and February through March during the short days and long nights of autumn through winter and into spring. Several Northern Lights trips are available, and some ski resorts are designed to maximize viewing.

Currency Used

The currency in Finland is the euro.

Top Tourist Attractions in Finland

Finland has a lot to do both in the winter and the summer. Using this list of Finland’s greatest sights and destinations, you can organize your vacation.

  • Suomenlinna Fortress
  • Rovaniemi and the Arctic
  • Helsinki Churches
  • Go Skiing or Ride a Dogsled
  • Shop and Browse in Helsinki’s Design District
  • Åland Archipelago
  • Kauppatori (Market Square) and Esplanadi

18. France


When couples hear romantic locations in France, a few prominent destinations come to mind: Bordeaux, Nice, Cannes, Versailles, and so on.

Going a little off the beaten path, we’ve chosen 10 of the most romantic, rural, and rejuvenating locations for you to celebrate your honeymoon in France like never before. 

These eccentric locations will make you wish that time stayed still forever, even though the list wouldn’t have been complete without Paris! 

Best Time to Visit

The finest seasons to visit France are spring (April-May)summer (June-August), and fall (October-November) (September-October). With fewer people around and temperatures between 55°F and 68°F, spring is pleasant across the nation.

Best Things to Do in France

Let’s have a look at the best things to do in France:

  • Place de la Bourse
  • Vieux Lyon
  • Basilique Notre Dame
  • Musée d’Orsay 
  • La Petite France
  • Basilique Notre Dame

Best Cities in France

With the help of our ranking of the best French cities, identify the top destinations:

  • Paris
  • Lyon
  • Bordeaux
  • Marseilles
  • Strasbourg
  • Lille
  • Aix-en-Provence

Ideal Duration

The ideal location for three weeks in France. The nation offers a lot while being neither too large nor too little. the food, of course, but also traveling to historical locations, the beach, and taking in some art.

Currency Used

The euro is the official currency of France.

Top Tourist Attractions in France

Best things to do with our list of the top attractions in France:

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Musée du Louvre
  • Château de Versailles
  • Côte d’Azur
  • Loire Valley Châteaux
  • Provence

19. Austria


What about a honeymoon in Austria? With a classic European vacation experience enhanced by some of the most magnificent scenery, delectable cuisine, top-notch hotels and resorts, and romantic settings, Austria quickly becomes a favorite destination for newlyweds.

Best Time to Visit 

The summer months of June through August are the ideal time to visit Austria if you want to go hiking or boating. Although there are more people than at other times of the year, they are not as oppressive as in countries like France or Italy.

Best Things to Do 

With this list of the top tourist destinations in Austria, you can find the greatest places to go and things to do:

  • The Vienna Hofburg
  • Salzburg Altstadt
  • The Spanish Riding School
  • Schönbrunn Palace
  • Innsbruck’s Hofburg and Hofkirche
  • Melk Benedictine Abbey
  • Hallstatt and the Dachstein Salzkammergut

Best Cities in Austria

Discover the top places to visit in this history-rich country with our list of the best cities in Austria:

  • Vienna (Wien)
  • Graz
  • Innsbruck
  • Klagenfurt
  • Linz
  • Bregenz
  • Wels
  • Villach

Ideal Duration

If you want to travel on a budget without having to make any concessions to your plan due to inclement weather, the ideal months to visit Austria are September and October.

The Austrian landscape, which is tucked away in the hills, is likewise at its most beautiful during this season.

Currency Used

The currency in Austria is the euro.

Top Tourist Attractions

The top tourist destinations in Austria listed below can make your trip extra special:

  • Hochosterwitz Castle
  • Krems
  • Eisriesenwelt Cave
  • Vienna State Opera
  • Mirabell Palace
  • Schafberg
  • Hohenwerfen Castle

20. Croatia


Being spoiled on your honeymoon in Croatia is possible! It resembles something out of a painter’s ideal, with the turquoise water lapping at the shore and charmingly strewn with buildings with brick-red roofs.

Yes! A vast universe of adventurous water activities is also accessible from these beaches. Historic sites that have beautifully withstood the passage of time are scattered along the cobblestone pathways.

And there are tonnes more love stories just ready to be told! Everything you require to organize your honeymoon in Croatia and make it a memorable trip is listed in this article.

Best Time to Visit 

The best season to travel to Croatia is from June to September when there is a lot of daylight and temperatures range from 66°F to 86°F. In the clear waters surrounding the islands, these circumstances are perfect for swimming and sailing.

Best Things to Do

Make sure you don’t skip any of these top ten Croatia travel experiences as you prepare to step foot on this stunning Adriatic Sea gem:

  • Explore The Old Town Of Dubrovnik
  • Travel Back In Time In Split
  • Spend Some Quiet Time In Medvednica
  • Go Hiking At Any Of Its National Parks
  • Experience Zagreb’s Thriving Food Scene
  • Visit The Frozen Waterfalls
  • Spend A Day In Sibenik

Best Cities

Plan your trip to this beautiful European travel destination with our list of the best places to visit in Croatia:

  • Split
  • Zagreb
  • Trogir
  • Rovinj
  • Dubrovnik
  • Zadar

Ideal Duration

The best season to travel to Croatia is from June to September when there is a lot of daylight and temperatures range from 66°F to 86°F. In the clear waters surrounding the islands, these circumstances are perfect for swimming and sailing. 

Currency Used

The currency of Croatia is the Croatian Kuna.

Top Tourist Attractions in Croatia

A list of the top tourist attractions in Croatia:

  • Gornji Grad
  • Euphrasian Basilica
  • Mljet
  • Diocletian’s Palace
  • Pula Arena
  • Korcula
  • Rovinj

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