10 Best Amsterdam Nightclubs Will Not Let You Get Bored

One of the popular aspects of Amsterdam is the crazy nightlife every traveler swears by. Apart from the famous Hedonist’s haven, the gorgeous tulip canals and the Red light district, that of course make up to the bucket list, ticking off a crazy night party in Amsterdam is as crucial as the other attractions in the list as Amsterdam has got one of the best nightlife you’ll ever experience!

There are enough clubs to dance your night in Amsterdam, listing the 10 Best Amsterdam Nightclubs and the best way to treat yourself is by buying a The Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket that provides 2-day unlimited access to more than 25+ clubs!

You heard it right!

De School

A school in the initial days of its formation is a club and entertainment complex based in western Amsterdam. People say that it’s the Titan of Nightlife, which also includes an old gym hall, cafes, and restaurants. Being as same as Berghain for Berlin or Fabric for London, they host international artists like DJ Sprinkles, Cinnaman, Wata Igarashi, which have a capacity of 700 people at a go.

De Marktkantine

Very versatile location, De Marktkantine was initially used as a canteen for market stallholders, is now a gorgeous space for multi-room techno club, known for affordable entry and good service, it’s a vibe people love. It can also get crazy with thumping beats, drag queens performing, and hatch selling tasty snacks is quite a kaleidoscopic fusion of everything that you like.


AIR nightclub in Amsterdam is something worth a visit as it gives you an International vibe biggest and brightest super-clubs, represents tolerance, diversity, creativity, quality as you will see people around the vibing. Extravagant on custom Void systems and the diverse techno music, Hip Hop and RnB will fill the dance hall with crazy energy. The only thing to keep in mind is the location really crowded.


Canvas Club is a gorgeous location that includes a hotel, bar, and a restaurant with an included dance room is one of the best places to hang out at night with friends. Apart from out of the cuisines, Dutch, European, International the music will absolutely blow your mind after hours.


Known to be an industrial haven which is the new limelight of the city’s Nieuw-West district. Even if the food might be a little off since they’re serving Vegan but the banging sound system and mini parties keep the club crowded after-hours. They’ve also got a 24-hour license so you can dance all day without interruption.


Inspired by Berlin, Shelter is based in the basement of A’dam Toren, which is a ferry away from Centraal, a 24-hour license helps you dance all day, all night non-stop at all-black décor and a bassy sound system at ear-drum-perforating levels, and get high on life.

Jimmy Woo

A two-floor club, Jimmy Woo Asian-themed bar, and a dancefloor lit by more than 12,000 bulbs that look absolutely stunning atmosphere, ultra-hip surroundings, Jimmy Woo host one of the best of the parties. COCO is the best R&B and hip-hop night in the city, on Thursday they also throw the 90s throwback party which is absolutely nostalgic. You’ll also encounter many Dutch celebrities.

Club NYX

Popular for cracking drag and LGBTQ+ nights, Club NYX is three floors dancehall always hip-hop and pop tunes, that plays the best crowd-pleasing anthems, but here’s the best part! They also have a DJ in the open-plan bathroom which no other clubs have! Known for a great crowd, great music, and great vibe!


Vintage night lives are best at Vondelbunker, the space originally built for Second World War, plus the entry is free. Set at the bunker in Vondel Park, the place is diverse and excellent for noize or performance. The drinks are reasonably priced, you’ll find 16 mm film screenings, activist meetings, art shows, and theatre performances that are breathtaking.


If you’re looking for good music and good food with an artistic aura, this is the club you want to visit. Hub for cultural events, vegan cafes, cheap drinks, and live good music. People come here for musical nights, jams, and performances, and what better than getting cheap drinks and affordable food, the real Amsterdam? Yes!

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