20 Affordable Places to Visit in Europe on a Budget in 2023

Europe offers a gorgeous set of attractions you’ll never fail to drool over. The fact that Europe makes it a little hard to explore for budget travelers, makes it comparatively less explored than normal, but many travelers still dream of visiting this beautiful place.

With a mix of photogenic landscapes, history, and culture, Europe is one of the favorite locations every traveler has on their bucket list.

So leave your financial woes aside and head onto the Affordable Places to visit in Europe and have a budget-friendly trip ahead!

Something you need to keep in mind is that Handy color-coded itineraries help you decide routes and explore the jaw-dropping Sistine Chapel, cool beers in Budapest’s ruined pubs, and blissful beaches in Croatia to name a few experiences that will blow your mind!

The best part is that Europe has got an abundance of locations that will not require much!

20 Affordable Places to Visit in Europe in 2023

The Best Budget-friendly location in Europe that will not require much of your money, is now made easy with this list!

Europe’s best places include these three locations for sure, Florence, Rome, and Venice. Known for their alluring and glamorous Instagramable spots, the places have quite a crowd and hence the prices could be challenging.

1. Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Palermo, Sicily, Italy

There are exquisite mosaics of gorgeous Churches and extravagant neighborhood markets, that are worth a visit. Some locations include Cattedrale, Palazzo de Normann, Cappella Palatina, etc.

Palermo is known for its appealing Mediterranean climate, its renowned gastronomy, and restaurants, and its Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, and Art Nouveau churches, yes, a lot of art and design so if that interest you, without fail!

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €40, occasional treat €52
  • Food: Local pasta dish €10 max; pizza slice €2-3
  • Hostel/Hotel:  €15–30/€45–60
  • Travel: Train €20, Bus €10.

2. Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig has a long history of culture and art, a sit kickstarted with 1989 protests and more that lead to the country’s reunification! Known for its thriving artist enclaves and offbeat nightlife, you must not miss out.

The Old Stock Exchange, Observation Towers, The Albertina Library, The Gohlis Palace, Monument to the Battle of nations, etc. You will also find baroque and classical music, the music lovers will actually vibe.

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €62, occasional treat €75
  • Food: Schnitzel €10
  • Hostel/Hotel: €25/€45
  • Travel: Train Basic: €40, occasional treat €52

3. Gdánsk, Poland

Gdánsk, Poland

Gdánsk, Poland has got a crazy coastal appeal and a gritty port town, is known for its picturesque, and colorful vibes that bring a sense of calm, a treat for every traveler.

It has historic merchant houses with ancient vibes, which reminds you of postwar reconstruction. Museum of the Second World War, Europejskie Centrum Solidarności, Oliwa Park, and Archikatedra Oliwska are a few locations you must not visit.

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €55, occasional treat €73
  • Food: Żurek soup €5 max
  • Hostel/Hotel: €15/€35
  • Travel: Train €50-€100, Bus €35

4. London, England

London, England

London is no new term, although if you think London is expensive, well it is. But the reason why I’m listing it here is because of its tourist attractions that are free to visit and travel is inexpensive too.

Buckingham Palace, Royal Jewels at The Tower of London, the British Museum, and the Houses of Parliament are a few places you should not miss out on.

Check out the Best locations to visit in London in our latest article that will help you get a better idea.

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €75, occasional treat €80
  • Food: Fish and chips €15 max
  • Hostel/Hotel: €15/25
  • Travel: Train €25, Bus €45

5. Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

A visit to Portugal is incomplete if Porto is not covered. Set on the banks of the River Duoro, is filled with no-frills goods, and local restaurants on the streets are extremely popular.

Explore the tastes, the sunset view from D, Walk or ride a bike in Foz, the cable car ride in Gaia, and of course, here’s something you’d love to know, the wine is at lovely prices!

Daily Cost

  • Basic:  €45, occasional treat €65
  • Food: Grilled sardines €10 min
  • Hostel/Hotel: €25/€45
  • Travel: Train €20, Bus €45

6. Estonia’s Baltic coast

Estonia’s Baltic coast

Small and beautiful Estonia is a known popular city break destination of Tallinn, has beautiful stretches of coastline, a scattering of islands, and national parks that aren’t to be missed.

Check out our Tallinn’s Old Town, Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour, Pärnu, Estonian National Museum, Matsalu National Park, Alpakafarm and Kuressaare Episcopal Castle are must-visit places.

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €45, occasional treat €60
  • Food: Blood sausage and sauerkraut €8
  • Hostel/Hotel: €17/€35
  • Travel: Bus €20-€45

7. Andalucía, Spain

Andalucía, Spain

The Southernmost province of Spain, Andalucía is one of the best budget destinations in Europe. Boasts of cities like Seville, Granada, and Córdoba, the place is known for its connection with Picasso, the atmospheric ancient port city of Cádiz, and budget-friendly southern Spanish vibes.

Check out The UNESCO-listed Great Mosque of Córdoba, The Drama of Andalusia in Ronda, and Jerez de la Frontera to name a few.

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €78; occasional treat €90
  • Food: Menú del día €15
  • Hostel/Hotel: €15/€35–80
  • Travel: Train €120, Bus €45

8. Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

Known to be the jewel of North Macedonia, the frescoed medieval churches, historic fortress, and Roman amphitheater to be specific.

The tourist treasure trove is also popular for Jerusalem of the Balkans”, don’t miss out on Lake Ohrid, Monastery of Saint Naum, Ohrid Boardwalk & City Beach to name a few spots. You’ll also find various waterside camping options which travelers love.

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €26, occasional treat €35
  • Food: Tavče gravče (bean casserole) starts from €2.50
  • Hostel/Hotel: €15/€26
  • Travel: Bus €7 to €15

9. Northwest Slovenia

Northwest Slovenia

On the trip to Italy, Austria, and Croatia you’ll find Northwest Slovenia, a low-key tourist destination that has amazing coastlines, and lakeside settings in the budget that it’s every traveler’s bliss.

Check out these locations like Maribor, Lake Bled, Postojna Cave (the longest cave), Triglav National Park, Bled castle, and Vogel to name a few. Hiking, kayaking, and rafting can be some of the adventures you should try.

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €45, occasional treat €70
  • Food: Pizza €7-€10
  • Hostel/Hotel: €18/€64
  • Travel: Train €11, Bus €60

10. Bansko, Bulgaria

Bansko, Bulgaria

Bansko brings an exotic ski experience on a budget on the Pirin mountain range with a cent range of shared or private accommodations to choose from, while the other locations are hell expensive for such an experience.

House of Velyan, Ski Bansko, Holy Trinity Church, Bansko Ski Mania, Septemvri-Dobrinishte Lin, and summer hikes, while exploring The streets of Oldtown are a must-try!

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €32, occasional treat €45
  • Food: Shopska salad €5 min
  • Hostel/Hotel: €15/€65
  • Travel: Train €10, Bus €8

11. Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv has a sense of Ukraine, with central European influences of the Habsburg and Polish, Catholic, Orthodox, and Armenian, its architecture has a lot to do with culture and history.

Check out locations like The Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Lychakiv Cemetery, Dormition Cathedral, Adam Mickiewicz Monument, and Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Yes, that is a lot of history and cultural blend!

Daily Cost

  • Basic: c €45, occasional treat €60
  • Food: Ukrainian borshch €1
  • Hostel/Hotel: €10/€30
  • Travel: Train €10, Bus €20.

12. The Albanian coast

The Albanian coast

If the Mediterranean sun and sand are what you love, The Albanian coast is the location you must try in the budget.

Known to be one of the cheapest destinations in Europe, you’ll find sun-drenched beaches with a little old aesthetic, Cheap seafood, and warm seas that you’ll absolutely fall in love with.

Try Albanian Riviera, Llogara Pass, Saranda, Gjirokastra, and Berat are places that should not be missed at all.

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €35, occasional treat €50
  • Food: Qoftë (minced meat rissoles) €5, seafood €8
  • Hostel/Hotel: €10/€40
  • Travel: Train €5, Bus €12

13. Novi Sad, Serbia

Novi Sad, Serbia

Novi Sad has the best fancy music festivals, heaven for travelers who love music, on a budget. Set a couple of hours away from Belgrade, this place has tonnes of corners filled with stages and festivals.

Check out locations like Novi Sad, Dunavska Street, Danube Park, Fruska Gora Monasteries, The Name of Mary Church, and Storm Petrovaradin’s Fortress that must not be missed.

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €25, occasional treat €45
  • Food: pljeskavica (hamburger) €5 min.
  • Hostel/Hotel: €15/€35
  • Travel: Train €8, Bus €8

14. The Peloponnese, Greece

The Peloponnese, Greece

The Peloponnese comes as the first preference for budget travel in Greece, best for island-hopping, and camping on the beach, the best way to have fun on a budget is to carry a map.

Don’t miss out on Corinth Canal, Mycenae, Nafplio, Epidaurus, Monemvasia, and Elafonisos Island to name a few.

Head on to Best Peloponnese destinations to get a detailed review of locations that you must visit.

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €30, occasional treat €45
  • Food: Souvláki (shish kebab) €5
  • Hostel/Hotel: €25/€31
  • Travel: Train €20, Bus €35

15. Czechia (Czech Republic)

Czechia (Czech Republic)

Czechia (Czech Republic) is known to be a good-value country for independent travel, from traditional beer halls and monastery taverns to a new generation of microbreweries you’ve got it all.

The Czech Republic is one of the best locations in Prague. Don’t miss out on Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague’s Charles Bridge, Utna Hora, Český Krumlov, etc.

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €40, occasional treat €65
  • Food: Pork and dumplings €10
  • Hostel/Hotel: €25/€55
  • Travel: Train €15, Bus €20

16. Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania gives us a typical Dracula and his castle vibes from its location to its color aesthetic, the Carpathian Mountains that has got Transylvanian wolf, along with bears, red deer, and lynx in the Piatra Craiului National Park.

Check out Brasov Historical Center, Unirii Square, Cheile Turzii, and Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle), the locations are rich in history and adventure.

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €36, occasional treat €45
  • Food: Moldavian stew €3
  • Hostel/Hotel: €15/€34
  • Travel: Bus/train €15.

17. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest makes one of the best locations to visit at. While considering spending a day at a relaxing Spa, or cooling off under the fountains, none of these experiences will actually break your bank.

Best places? Of course, they have to be Budapest’s Castle Hill, the Museum of Ethnography, the Ministry of Agriculture, St. Stephen’s Basilica, Fisherman’s Bastion, and The Danube, to name a few.

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €45, occasional treat €60
  • Food: Goulash €5
  • Hostel/Hotel: €16–30
  • Travel: Train €10

18. Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Reminds me of ancient history and culture, filled with red resin to form “Sarajevo Roses”, horrors of Sniper Alley, and remnants of mortar shell explosions that might give you goosebumps! Check out Sarajevo War Tunnel, Bascarsija, Sarajevo Olympic Bobsleigh, and Luge Track are some of the locations you must visit.

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €25, occasional treat €40
  • Food: Cevapcici (meat rissoles) €3–4
  • Hostel/Hotel: €10/€28
  • Travel: Bus €10, Train $8

19. The High Tatras, Slovakia

The High Tatras, Slovakia

The High Tatras is the mountain range a magnificent series of peaks set at pyramid-shaped Gerlach at 2,655m. With inviting climbers, cavers, mountain bike paths, tubing and rafting, and winter skiing, all adventures are covered. Don’t miss out on  Štrbské Pleso, Popradské Pleso, Waterfall Skok (Jump), and Hrebienok to name a few.

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €35, occasional treat €50
  • Food: Gnocchi with bacon €6
  • Hostel/Hotel: €15/€35
  • Travel: Train €22

20. Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro

One of the best locations to travel cheaply in Europe. Getting lost labyrinth of streets, summertime cafés, and hiking to hike up to St Ivan’s castle is just where we’ve started.

City Walls, Castle of San Giovanni, Our Lady of the Rocks, St. Tryphon Cathedral, St. Nikolas’ Church, and Sea Gate are locations you should not miss anyway.

Daily Cost

  • Basic: €30, occasional treat €52
  • Food: Sarma €5
  • Hostel/Hotel: €20/€50
  • Travel: Bus €5, Train €3

These are some locations in Europe that are budget-friendly and affordable and how! Which of these locations do you like?

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